Blue Island, Illinois

The city of Blue Island is located within Cook County, Illinois, and at last count there were between twenty and twenty five thousand Blue Islanders living there. The city has a wonderful public library, beautiful churches, lovely parks, and great schools. It's been featured in many movies, so even if this will be your first visit to Blue Island, it may feel very familiar to you! During your visit you'll need to know the best places to dine and drink, and these are our top choices in the 60406 and 60827 zip codes!


Maple Tree Inn is a lovely restaurant on South Olde Western in Blue Island, with a very elegant and comfortable atmosphere and delicious Cajun and Creole food. You'll find specialties on the menu that you've never even heard of before. Great jambalaya here, and the ribs come highly recommended too! They've got a wide variety of great beers on tap and in bottles too. The service is really excellent, provided by waitstaff that really cares about your dining experience. Everything here is outstanding!

Address: 13301 South Olde Western
Phone: 708.388.3461


Beggars Pizza is of course the official pizza of 670 The Score, and there's no question why! Their deep dish, thin crust, and stuffed pizzas are all true gourmet delicacies and they are so delicious! We've always loved the care and attention to detail that the staff provides, and they never fail to deliver on time. Despite that incredible high quality, the prices are nice and low. Very highly recommended to anyone who appreciates a really delicious pizza!

Address: 12660 Western Avenue
Phone: 708.385.1234


Mario's Tacos gets nothing short of rave reviews from everyone who visits, and that's thanks to their completely authentic Mexican food! Everything is perfectly fresh and superbly high quality. Many say it's the very best Mexican food they've ever had. After twenty five years in business, they really know how to please their customers. They're always packed, and in the summer months everyone wants to get a good spot on their great outdoor patio. We recommend the chorizo and potato enchiladas!

Address: 13325 Olde Western Avenue
Phone: 708.389.4023


Island's Cafe is a cozy little Italian eatery where you can indulge in some of your favorite classic dishes. We're big fans of the Veal Marsala and the Shrimp De Jonghe is a close second! The prices are very reasonable when you consider how wonderful the food is, and the ambiance is impressive yet very comfortable. Island's Cafe is one of Blue Island's best kept secrets, but it's about time that you become familiar with this wonderful restaurant. Very highly recommended.

Address: 13000 Western Avenue
Phone: 708.489.1747


There are several wonderful Mexican restaurants in Blue Island, all of which we recommend highly, but Pollo Locuas has a special place in our hearts. The waitstaff is just excellent here, really going out of their way to make sure that your food is served hot and that it pleases you completely. The food is always superb. We love the comfortable and nicely decorated atmosphere, and the location can't be beat either. Great place to relax with some incredible Mexican flavor!

Address: 12255 Western Avenue
Phone: 708.389.6880


See Thru Chinese Kitchen brings more transparency to the restaurant business by literally installing windows between the kitchen and dining area. What's crystal clear is the fact that their food is incredible! They've got an award winning chef who creates delicious entrees, egg rolls, and perfectly fluffy rice to complement your meal. The seating area is mostly open space, very Feng Shui for those who follow the tradition, and the food, of course, is served piping hot. Outstanding service in a unique atmosphere!

Address: 12601 South Western Avenue
Phone: 708.489.2883


Cyprus Long Bar, previously known as Harry's, is just a very cool neighborhood bar in the Blue Island area. It's a great place to stop in for a quick drink at the end of the evening, or to gather with friends for a full evening of drinking and great conversation. The staff is very friendly here, and very accommodating. The food is pretty good too! You've got to love cozy bars like this one.

Address: 13115 Western Avenue
Phone: 708.388.5319


Tommy's Place is intensely popular on Wednesday nights for their karaoke! You'll want to get there early if you want a spot on that stage. It's also a great place to go during the big games, because they've got food and drink specials that help you save a few bucks while watching your favorite teams go head to head. Note that there's a dress code here - no hats or sports apparel. The prices are cheap and the staff is very friendly. Cool spot.

Address: 12237 Western Avenue
Phone: 708.389.7810


Club Krave is a gay and lesbian bar on Blue Island They've got great events going on all the time from bingo to karaoke, and of course you can get down and shake that groove thang any night of the week with their great DJs providing the soundtrack for your night. The drinks are good and strong and they're pretty cheap too. Truly one of the best places in Blue Island to let your hair down and chill with friends!

Address: 13126 Western Avenue
Phone: 708.597.8379


Haas Tavern is the place that we love most in Blue Island, because time has stood still in this quaint little bar. Nothing has changed in the past fifteen years that we've been frequenting it. The decor, the shuffleboard table, the bar... everything is one hundred percent authentic to its original form, and we just love that taste of the past. The drink prices have probably gone up in that time period (how could they not?), but apparently not by much because we didn't notice it! Great strong mixed drinks and perfectly ice cold beers on tap and in bottles. What more could you ask for?

Address: 12725 Western Avenue
Phone: 78.597.3011

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