Brookfield, Illinois

Brookfield, Illinois is perhaps best known as the home of Chicago Zoological Park, and it's located within Cook County with a population of just under twenty thousand. Many people come into Brookfield specifically to visit our Zoological Park, and since it's open all year round it's a fun trip to take no matter what kind of weather we're having. If you're planning to do just that, you're going to need to know where to eat and to grab a drink! So go ahead and take a look at some of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 60513 zip code.


Irish Times has had our hearts for a while now, and part of the reason for that is their amazing outdoor beer garden. There's just nothing better in all of Brookfield. The bartenders and servers are all very attractive and friendly, and wow, the food is incredible! They've got authentic decor rather than the cookie cutter stuff that you see in other wannabe Irish pubs, so you'll really feel like you've stepped off the street in Ireland into a genuine Irish watering hole! They've got Guinness on draft of course, so what are you waiting for? Irish Times is the place to be tonight!

Address: 8869 Burlington Avenue
Phone: 708.485.8787


Paisans Pizzeria & Restaurant is all about the highest quality food at a reasonable price. They've got a delicious and crispy crust that will really make your mouth water, and though the choices of toppings are just the usual with no fancy extras, we find that they've got all the essentials here and they're all superbly fresh. If you're not in the mood for pizza, try their salads and sandwiches, they're fantastic! And you can always just get pizza by the slice if you are dining alone or just aren't that hungry. Great place for lunch or dinner!

Address: 3720 Grand Boulevard
Phone: 708.688.4937


The rave reviews for Xnipec just keep on pouring in. Forget about remembering how to spell it, and don't even worry about pronouncing it correctly. Just go on in and enjoy the fabulous food! This is southern Mexican food, true Yucatecan style, and you simply won't find this anywhere else in Chicago... at least not that we're aware of! The ambiance isn't anything fancy, but the food is simply out of this world. The flavors will knock you right off your seat and you'll be hooked. Great prices and excellent service. Very very VERY highly recommended!

Address: 3755 Grand Boulevard
Phone: 708.290.0082


Bellavia Restaurant is one of the best Italian restaurants in the Brookfield, and we make sure to stop in any time we are in the area. The food is the star of the show here, with big portions of the most classic Italian dishes that none of us can ever get enough of! Or more accurately, we DO get enough of it when we dine at Bellavia, because the portions are so generous. The service is outstanding too, very old fashioned and attentive, and we appreciate that. One of the best places to grab a hot meal in Brookfield!

Address: 9022 31st Street
Phone: 708.485.4500


Taco Stop continues to get rave reviews year after year, and there's absolutely no question why that is. This is real authentic homemade Mexican fare at its very best. Accept no imitation, this is the real deal! The seasoning is fantastic. You'll wonder how they've done it, but it's their secret to keep. The fajitas and enchiladas are probably our favorite items on the menu, but you just can't go wrong with any item on the menu. You can't beat the prices either... oh and don't forget to try the steak tacos, they are to die for! One of the best restaurants in town, hands down!

Address: 9304 Ogden Avenue
Phone: 708.680.5017


We've been hooked on Thai food for years, thanks to all the great Thai restaurants that have sprung up in the Chicago area. Fine Thai in Brookfield is one of those that has quickly become one of our favorites, mostly for their incredible curry dishes and their incredibly attentive service. They've got some things here that you would not expect, including a really delicious sesame chicken! Lots of variety and extremely high quality. Great ambiance too!

Address: 9305 Ogden Avenue
Phone: 708.387.9082


Off Broadway Pub can only be described as Brookfield's very own "Cheers," and that's why we find ourselves there just about every weekend! They've got over a dozen beers on draft, and a great selection of wine as well. We're big fans of the food here because it's much more high quality than anything you'd expect to find at a pub. Pub atmosphere plus restaurant quality food equals a win-win situation if you ask us! We suggest that you give Off Broadway Pub a try tonight!

Address: 9048 Monroe Avenue
Phone: 708.485.4553


Salt Creek Wine Bar is modern and trendy, but without any of the pretense that you'll find at most other wine bars in the Chicago area. The dining is excellent too, which sometimes falls short at other wine bars because they put so much focus on the wine. We're happy to say that they've got enough focus here to share it with the wine and the food and neither one falls by the wayside! The selections are fantastic and the service is out of this world. And the ambiance? It's romantic and elegant. Live music and outdoor dining... what more could you dream of? Salt Creek Wine Bar is one of our faves.

Address: 8900 Fairview Avenue
Phone: 708.387.2432


Giron's Italian Ristorante is known for incredible Sicilian pork chops and really delicious bruschetta, but despite those incredibly high quality specialties, we're also big fans of the pizza! We know, we know, there are a million places to get pizza in Brookfield. But we just love Giron's! The restaurant is small and unpretentious, but the food is nothing short of world class. If you haven't tried it yet, make your way out to Brookfield tonight and try anything on the menu. We're positive you'll love it just as much as we do.

Address: 9110 Broadway Avenue
Phone: 708.387.1177


The reason that we visit Moldau Restaurant time and time again is for their fresh homemade soups! There are a million wonderful choices on the menu including a fabulous roast pork and dumplings, delicious kraut, and lots of other Bohemian favorites... but those soups are just so mouth wateringly delicious that we can't resist coming back as often as we can just for them. We love the elegant and comfortable atmosphere here, and apparently so does everybody else because this place has been going strong since the seventies and shows no signs of slowing down! Wonderful place to dine!

Address: 9310 Ogden Avenue
Phone: 708.485.2155

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