Calumet City, Illinois

Illinois' Calumet City is located in Cook County and has just under forty thousand citizens calling it home. They affectionaly refer to it as "Cal City" and "Wild Cal," and once you get acquainted with it, you will too! Back in the twenties, Cal City was Illinois' version of Las Vegas, known as "Sin City" with a part of State Street being dubbed "The Strip." Things have calmed down a lot since those days, but it's still a wild place to go for some really great food and drinks. If you're planning a visit to Calumet City, take note of the great restaurants and bars below that are all located within the 60409 zip code!


There are two Siam Marina Thai Restaurant locations in the Chicago area, and the Calumet City one is our top pick. many Thai restaurants are very Americanized, but this is authentic Thai at its best. There's a bit of fusion going on here, with other Southeast Asian flavors mixing in with the traditional Thai tastes. We LOVE the wine selection and martini bar! A truly wonderful dining and drinking experience. You won't find better Thai food in all of Chicago!

Address: 1669 Sibley Boulevard
Phone: 708.868.0560


Fuddrucker's is always a fun place to go for lunch or dinner with friends! There's nothing better than picking up your burger at the counter and loading it up with your choices of toppings at the bar. When you're not busy noshing on their delicious food, there are lots of video games to keep you occupied, plus all that kitschy memorabilia that covers the walls! Kids love this place, so if you've got a family, take note! Lots of healthier choices here too compared to most kids menus.

Address: 1990 River Oaks Drive
Phone: 708.730.1500


It's true that pizza restaurants are a dime a dozen in Chicago, but when it comes to Leona's, this is one more pizza restaurant that we just can't do without! We really love the avocado burgers and the garbage salad (ignore the name, it's fantastic!), and of course the pizza is equally good! The service is great too. An all around great pizzeria with a very friendly staff.

Address: 1455 Ring Road
Phone: 708.868.4647


Everything at Taste of Italy is fantastic, but they are best known for their veal and we would highly recommend it. It's hand-trimmed by true expert chefs, and then pounded by hand for the boffo veal scallopini. Is your mouth watering yet? It should be. There are few places that make better Italian than Taste of Italy! Note that they're closed Sunday and Monday, and only open until 10:00 PM the rest of the week.

Address: 550 River Oaks Drive
Phone: 708.868.4440


Cocula Restaurant has been a Chicago staple since 1976, and we can't imagine coming to Calumet City and not dining at this great establishment. It's named after the town of Cocula, which is known as "The Cradle of Mariachi" (or in Spanish, "La Cuna del Mariachi") because many well known mariachi groups hail from there. We don't know much about that, but we do know that the food here is amazing! If you're craving Mexican food, Cocula is your best bet, and we would most highly recommend any of their seafood dishes! So good!

Address: 645 Torrence Avenue
Phone: 708.862.7250


Castaways Bowl is our favorite place to bowl in all of Chicagoland! They've got thirty two lanes of fun with automatic scoring, so you can keep your mind on your game and not on the math. There are leagues for those who really take it seriously, or you can just chill with friends and family and have a great time. They're affiliated with Windy City Pizza and Ten-Pin Lounge, so you can enjoy a bite to eat and a really great drink too. We highly recommend all three!

Address: 1025 Sibley Boulevard
Phone: 708.862.8300


What's Up Bar & Grill may not have the most memorable name in the world, but it's worth remembering! The staff is friendly, the drinks are strong, and the food is consistent time after time. Very popular after work spot in Calumet City, so if you're coming in after your 9 to 5 has wrapped up for the day, you will definitely find a lot of other company trying to drink the hard working day away! Always good times at What's Up.

Address: 735 Torrence Avenue
Phone: 708.891.2303


When you've got a hankering for some real authentic soul food, there is no better place to go than Price's Southern Soul Food. They've got it all, from collard greens and mac and cheese to catfish fillet and short ribs. Did we mention oxtails? Chicken and dumplings? It's all here. Nobody does it better. Great service too, and it's fast, so it's perfect for those hurried lunch hours!

Address: 121 State Street
Phone: 708.868.7685


Many will tell you that Schoop's Hamburgers are the best in the area, and we'd be inclined to agree! The sizes are very generous, and there's nothing better than getting a nice generous shake to go along with it! The Green River shake is the best. Be sure to order the curly fries and soup with that burger. Everything is always served piping hot and fresh just the way you like it!

Address: 695 Torrence Avenue
Phone: 708.891.4270


We love El Mariachi for great Mexican food! We've been relying on them for years, mostly because it's one of the only places that you can find truly authentic Mexican flavors. You get giant portions at very cheap prices, and the servers are always so friendly and happy to see you. An all around excellent Mexican restaurant!

Address: 612 Torrence Avenue
Phone: 708.891.0840

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