Chicago Ridge, Illinois

Located in Cook County, Chicago Ridge takes its name from the ridges left behind when trainloads of dirt were brought out by the Wabash Railroad during construction of the Columbian Exposition of 1893. It's located in the south western part of Cook County, and not too far from downtown Chicago. It has plenty of high and low key bars all around the 60414, and 60415 zip codes.

Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery

Tilted Kilt is a great sports bar and a wonderful place to catch the big game with you and all your friends, as it has TVs all over the place so that you never miss the action. It's got an impressive menu filled with all the best Burgers, nachos, appetizers. All your waitresses are more than easy to look at and will provide you with excellent service from start to finish. When you're in the Chicago Ridge area and you want to catch the game, yo know where to go.

Address: 6401 95th St. Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
Phone:(708) 857-8300

La Playita

In Chicago Ridge, La Playita is your primary source for Mexican cuisine. Its a yummy place to enjoy the very best Mexican cuisine outside of Mexico. You can't get more authentic than this place. Enjoy great fajitas, and tacos and other delicacies that La Playita is known for, and then enjoy the excellent service that they also provide. It comes highly recommended for take out, a quick snack, or a full meal.

Address: 10608 Ridgeland Ave Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
Phone: (708) 423-5056

Jenny's Steak House

Jenny's Steak House is a cool place for your group or even a more intimate party to visit. They have great seasonal martinis such as the pomegranate martini, and each is prepared by highly skilled mixalogists and are sure to show you a good time. However, this is a steak house, so you better order your self a nice juicy steak with your drink. You servers are also there to make sure that you enjoy your selves and that your drinks are always filled. Its a great place to start the night.

Address: 11041 Menard Ave Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
Phone: (708) 229-2272

Jesse's Tavern

Jesse's Tavern is a great place to go any day of the week, as there is always something different, fun and exiting happening for your enjoyment. It has great staff that are there to serve, and great owners, as well as excellent food on the menu. For your entertainment, the include karaoke, family feud, open jam night, and live music. You're sure to enjoy your night with you and all your friends when they have some excellent local talent perform.

Address: 10501 Ridgeland Ave Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
Phone: (708) 499-0048

Jack Desmonds Irish Pub

Jack Desmonds is a great Irish Pub for a younger crowed on the weekends, and for a more older crowed on the weekends. They serve classic Irish beers, and there is a DJ that will play house music during the weekends where the atmosphere gets a little more cluby, as well as live performances and Irish music the other nights of the week. Its a good place for you and your group to stop in and enjoy if you're bar and club hopping.

Address: 10339 S Ridgeland Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
Phone: (708) 857-7910


While Chili's might be your typical chain style restaurant, there isn't anything inherently wrong with that. Especially at this location, you get excellent service from the hosts, to your waiter, and even the bar tender. You can expect a classic assortment of beer on tap including some craft beers and ciders. The food is great and especially great for the price. Its overall a good location to enjoy a casual meal.

Address: 9720 Ridgeland Ave Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
Phone: (708) 424-9866

Buffalo Wild Wings

You can never go wrong with good old buffalo wild wings for your party. While being most known for there delicious wings and sauces, they also sport a full assortment of great food such as burgers as well as plenty of both domestic and craft beer for your enjoyment. With its plethora of TVs, it is a sports bar after all, and you will enjoy great vibes win or lose, when you go there for a game. The staff are highly attentive as well, more so than even other Buffalo Wild Wings locations.

Address: 111 Chicago Ridge Mall Drive Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
Phone: (708) 424-9464

Pepe's Tacos

Another great Mexico restaurant in Chicago Ridge, is Pepe's Tacos. There is no finer place to enjoy tacos, and here, they get as authentic as you can get without being in Mexico yourself. They sport a bar with beer and wine for your enjoyment and a very casual ambiance so that you will feel right at home when you get there. All of the staff are kind and are there and ready to cater to you. No need to worry about the prices either, yo get quite a lot of food for your buck when you come here.

Address: 6336 W 111th St Chicago Ridge, IL 60453
Phone: (708) 425-3060

Jack & Pat's Old Fashioned Meat Market

Jack & Pat's is not just a great local butcher chop, it also serves there own fine meats for you to enjoy. Try there burgers and there steaks both in shop, and take them home with you to enjoy on your own grill. You can enjoy the great service that the staff there will provide for you whether you're buying some of the best cuts of meat in the city, or eating the delicious food that they serve.

Address: 10717 Ridgeland Ave Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
Phone: (708) 636-3437

McGee's Bobby

McGee's Bobby is good for more than just the fact that's a dance bar, it also serves great American food as well. That being said, this is a great Dance Club for people who don't want to travel outside of Chicago Ridge. They sport a full bar with great beer as well as stronger liquors so that you really have a chance to enjoy its exiting and vibrant atmosphere. The hosts make sure to keep things interesting as they mingle with a crowd to really get people going.

Address: 10139 S Harlem Ave Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
Phone: (708) 529-3526

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