Darien, Illinois

Darien is one of the suburban cities that surrounds Chicago, located in DuPage County, and with a pretty large population of just about thirty thousand people. If you're a fan of the Back to the Future movie franchise, you'll love the fact that Darien shares its motto with Hill Valley from the movie... "A nice place to live!" If you'll be dining or drinking in the 60561 zip code tonight, be sure to check out the bars and restaurants we've reviewed below for you. Definitely some of our favorites in town!


Patio Restaurant is one of the best barbecue restaurants we've ever had the pleasure of dining in. It's unpretentious, so don't expect glamourous elegance here, just down home delicious food the way it should be served! The salads are fantastic with plenty of dressing, and everything is really good from the ribs to the sandwiches to the chili and the burgers. We've never had anything but a fantastic experience here, and we highly recommend it to you anytime you're in the Darien area!

Address: 7440 Illinois 83
Phone: 630.920.0211


Home Run Inn is a great place to dine, but what we love it for most is the pizza! It's tough to even think about the other wonderful items on the menu when you know that you can order one of their world class pizzas. And which one would we say is the best? Well, the sausage pizzas are truly incredible, but the Barbecue Chicken Pizza is probably even better than those! Wow, everything is so tasty here. Very reasonable prices too!

Address: 7521 Lemont Road
Phone: 630.739.9696


Cornerstone Restaurant, Bar, & Banquets is conveniently located on Cass Avenue in Darien, between Iroquois Street and Sleepy Hollow Lane. We've attended several wedding receptions and banquets for private events here, and every time the food is fantastic and the service is out of this world. They can accommodate as many as 250 guests in the dining room, and anywhere from 40 to 300 in the banquet hall. In terms of the restaurant you can indulge in your favorites including chicken, seafood, steaks, pizza, sandwiches, and dessert! Good stuff!

Address: 8025 Cass Avenue
Phone: 630.960.1600


Blueberry Hill Pancake House is our absolute favorite venue for breakfast in the Darien area. Pancake and waffle aficianados will go really crazy over the fresh flavors here. Wonderful batter equals a wonderful pancake, and they've mastered the art of that here. You won't find any of those modern pretentious offerings here like espresso or lattes... just old fashioned breakfast at its best. If you love that, come check it out for breakfast tomorrow!

Address: 7340 Illinois 83
Phone: 630.734.1300


New china is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Darien area. It's located conveniently on Lemont Road near the intersection with West 75th Street, and you simply won't find an Asian restaurant with fresher food than this one. The food is always piping hot and packed with flavor. The staff is truly friendly and really care about your dining experience. Carryout is excellent too. Very highly recommended to any Chinese food fans in the Darien area!

Address: 7511 Lemont Road
Phone: 630.985.6788


La Notte Due is a wonderful Italian restaurant with very personalized service, delicious food, and an intimate and romantic ambiance. It doubles as a sports bar, so you can catch the game and enjoy a few drinks during your visit. You can order your meals family style, and no matter what, the portions are always huge. They'll even make you entrees that aren't on the menu, so if there's an Italian specialty that you're having a hard time finding elsewhere, why not give them a call and see if they'll whip it up for you? Everything at La Notte Due is fantastic!

Address: 8123 South Cass Avenue
Phone: 630.663.1920


We love Culver's when we're craving a low-key lunch with friends. They've got those fabulous and famous butter burgers, and of course their mind blowing ice cream, sundaes, and concrete shakes... but did you know that they also have some really delicious salads? We're big fans of their Strawberry Fields salad which comes with walnuts and real bleu cheese in addition to the bleu cheese dressing that it comes with. The flavor is unbelievable. Pair it with an iced tea and you're good to go!

Address: 541 Plainfield Road
Phone: 630.734.0400


If you're looking for a really nice sushi restaurant and steakhouse, Aodake Sushi & Steak House is calling your name. We love to get sushi carryout as well as dining in at this establishment. They've got delicious Japanese specialties, high quality steaks, the freshest sushi we've ever tasted... plus a very nice selection of sake, wine, and beer! You can get your sake hot or cold, and it's tough to decide which one because they both go so well with the sushi. They've got really great service here too. Be sure to check it out when you're in the Darien area!

Address: 2129 75th Street
Phone: 630.719.9888


When we're trying to get out of the house and play some pool, maybe catch the game on TV, and enjoy some cheap drinks that are plenty good and strong, we know that Q Billiards & Sports Bar is our best bet in the Darien area. They've never let us down when it comes to the quality and service of both the food and drinks, and the ambiance is very comfortable, with very clean and cozy surroundings. Great place for darts and video games too, plus free wi-fi!

Address: 8109 South Cass Avenue
Phone: 630.241.0970


If you're a fan of micro brews and imported beers, you'll definitely want to check out Emmett's Ale House. Of course this establishment is about much more than just beer. They've also got excellent appetizers and entrees, including all your pub favorites. How about those apple pork chops? Now that's something you're not going to find just anywhere. Home cooked goodness in a really warm and inviting atmosphere. Great service too! Come check out this brewpub whenever you're in the Darien area!

Address: 5200 Main Street
Phone: 630.434.8500

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