Dolton, Illinois

Dolton, which is pronounced "dawl-ton," in case you're not familiar with the area, is a Chicago suburb that is located within Cook County. There are just over twenty five thousand people who call Dolton home, and there are many reasons to travel into the area for entertainment and pleasure. If you're coming into the 60419 zip code for any reason, here are some of our favorite places to dine and drink in the area!


Italian Fiesta Pizzeria is such a wonderful place to stop in for your pizza, chicken, seafood, and delicious delicatessen sandwiches. We're also big fans of their garlic bread and meatballs! So good! They've got authentic thin crust pizza here, which is so hard to find anywhere but downtown Chicago. The service is excellent, and the ambiance is very casual and cool. Definitely one of the most flavorful choices for lunch or dinner in Dolton.

Address: 15425 Cottage Grove Avenue
Phone: 708.849.9204


Pepe's Mexican Restaurant is located on East Sibley Road in Dolton, between Chicago Road and Beachview Terrace. They've got both Mexican favorites and American Tex Mex dishes, so you get a good variety of flavors that are hard to find elsewhere. We are really into their burritos, fajitas, and tacos. They're all really fantastic. We love the ambiance here, very casual and intimate so you can hold a great conversation with someone special, and it's also very clean and cozy.

Address: 536 East Sibley Boulevard
Phone: 708.849.9635


Another one of our favorite pizza restaurants in the Dolton area is Papa Damiani's Pizza & Restaurant. It's located very conveniently on Lincoln Avenue near the intersection with East 138th Street, and they've got everything from pizza and sandwiches to full entrees. This place is really just a cozy neighborhood bar with amazing pizza and Italian favorites. The thin crust is about as thin as they can possibly get it! It's incredible. Very popular with all the locals, and once you visit just once, you'll quickly become a regular! So good!

Address: 13800 Lincoln Avenue
Phone: 708.849.2242


Chuck's Haven is a comfortable and cozy family friendly restaurant that you'll find on Chicago Road between East 148th Street and East 149th Street. This is a great place to rent out for private parties including birthdays, bridal parties, weddings, and receptions. We've attended many events here and it's always excellent. The restaurant specializes in breakfast, and it's one of our favorite places to have our first meal of the day when we're in Dolton. Very highly recommended!

Address: 14844 Chicago Road
Phone: 708.849.2100


Sharks Fish & Chicken is the best source for all your deep fried favorites, from shrimp to fish to chicken and much more! Those who love this kind of food know that you have to strike a delicate balance between cooking it just enough and overcooking it, and the cooking oil has to be swapped out regularly for it to be as fresh and delicious as possible. Sharks Fish & Chicken gets all that right, and it results in the best deep fried favorites of all the restaurants in Dolton! One of the very best!

Address: 14150 Lincoln Avenue
Phone: 708.841.2000


Looking for some great Chinese food in Dolton? Chinn's is it. The prices are quite low and there are a wide variety of selections on the menu. It's kind of in a hard to find spot, so it's easily overlooked and kind of one of the best kept secrets in town as far as we're concerned! Very large portions, and all your classic Chinese favorites are here! Very highly recommended!

Address: 610 East 142nd Street
Phone: 708.849.3333


Philly Steak Express is just a cool little eatery where you can enjoy some fast Philly cheese steak sandwiches that are very high quality and delicious. The portions are really generous, some of the largest Philly cheese steak sandwiches we've ever seen available! And you really can't beat the fast and friendly service here. When you need a quick stop for lunch, Philly Steak Express is it!

Address: 800 East Sibley Boulevard
Phone: 708.841.5693


When you're in need of a quick and healthy stop for lunch during you long hard work day, one of our highest suggestions would be Salads R Us. This place has some of the tastiest salad creations we've ever had, including a Buffalo Chicken Salad that is simply addictive. No matter what you order here, it's fresh and good for you, and served very fast! Don't settle for "fast food" when you can have something healthy that's genuinely quick. Very good stuff here.

Address: 14050 Lincoln Avenue
Phone: 708.201.1277


Taurus Flavors is still family owned and operated after all these years, and there is no doubt that they're the best option for delicious hoagies and steak sandwiches, plus great ice cream and desserts! We love to come here with our family and friends and really chow down over some great conversation. The service is excellent, and the atmosphere is cool and very relaxed. Great quick stop for lunch or dinner any day of the week!

Address: 770 East 142nd Street
Phone: 708.201.7950


Woo Woo's BBQ is simply addictive for any barbecue lovers in the Dolton area. It seems like there just aren't enough truly excellent barbecue restaurants in the suburbs, so we're pleased to tell you about this one. The sauce is simply to die for. Just the right amount of sweetness and tanginess to make it perfect. There is a light smoked flavor in all of the menu items which we really enjoy. Our favorite thing on the menu is the slow cooked rib tips! So wonderful!

Address: 633 East Sibley Road
Phone: 708.849.9667

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