Elmwood Park, Illinois

Elmwood Park is a Chicago suburb with just over twenty five thousand people living within city limits. It's been the home of a lot of famous athletes and coaches including Val Belmonte and Ray Nitschke, plus Lee Loughnane of the band Chicago. If you're coming into the Elmwood Park area for any reason at all, you'll want to stop at at least a few of our favorite bars and restaurants located within the 60707 zip code!


Russell's BBQ is one of our favorite restaurants in all of Elmwood Park, mostly due to the fact that they have such an incredible barbecued flavor in all of their dishes. They use the best woods to grill their food, imparting the highest and most incredible amount of flavor possible. The pork sandwich is the one absolute essential on the menu, and we really love the family style dining at picnic tables. Very cool place to gather with friends and enjoy a hot meal!

Address: 1621 North Thatcher Avenue
Phone: 708.453.7065


Italian Beef lovers, check this place out! Johnnie's Beef is truly outstanding. The atmosphere is casual and comfortable, family style and very cozy. The Italian beef and sausage here is a much higher quality than you will find anywhere else. It's true that the restaurant is a little small, so you may face a wait if you don't arrive early but in general everything moves very quickly here and you'll get right in and out in no time. The absolute best Italian beef, and great Italian ice to finish off your meal too! Just awesome.

Address: 7500 West North Avenue
Phone: 708.452.6000


Amarind's Thai Restaurant is very comfortable and nicely decorated. The staff puts in so much effort to make sure that your experience is a good one. Of course the one thing that will get them on this list of great restaurants is some really amazing food, and they definitely deliver in tha tarea. We think the basics are the best, so the Pad Thai is of course our go-to item. Anything with coconut milk is a great bet here too. Just so good!

Address: 6822 West North Avenue
Phone: 773.889.9999


It's hard to find a really great Italian restaurant in the Chicago area, because there are just so very many of them to try. So many are overrated. Jim & Pete's is truly as good as everyone says it is. Their appetizers and salads are so wonderful, and the pastas and entrees are really mind blowing. We would recommend this place to anyone who has an appreciation for fine Italian food. There's something on the menu for everybody.

Address: 7806 West North Avenue
Phone: 708.453.5204


New Star Chinese Restaurant is a surprising hidden gem in Elmwood Park! We have tried so many different Chinese restaurants in the suburbs of Chicago, and this one really comes out on top. The prices are very affordable, and the food is all of the utmost high quality. Delicious wonton soup that will rival any other you can find in the area! If you love crab rangoon, this is THE best you will find anywhere. We could go on and on about this place, but let's not waste any more time talking about it when you could be on your way there now!

Address: 7444 West North Avenue
Phone: 708.453.8242


Inari Sushi is a wonderful blend of sushi bar, Japanese restaurant, and cocktail lounge all in one. You're not going to find a better sushi source than this in Elmwood Park. The residents have been waiting a long time for something like this to make its home in the city, and let's just say for the record that they've got great food, delicious drinks, and wonderful music and ambiance! They've got great outdoor seating for the warmer months too. Looking for a great spot for a romantic date? Inari Sushi is the best.

Address: 7428 West North Avenue
Phone: 708.583.2300


Agostino's Ristorante is yet another wonderful Italian restaurant that we feel compelled to recommend to you, based on the incredible food, the attentive staff, and the romantic and intimate atmosphere. We just love the decor here. You'll be surprised by the low prices for such excellent food. We'd recommend the Spaghetti Monte e Mare, the Carciofi Parmigiana, and really any of the veal or seafood dishes. Everything is mouth wateringly good at Agostino's.

Address: 2817 North Harlem Avenue
Phone: 773.745.6464


It is surprisingly tough to find Cuban food in this area, and Cafe Cubano has sprung up to fill that need! They do a great job of it too. It's very nicely decorated, and the staff goes out of their way to make sure that you are comfortable and happy. We love beginning the meal with a delicious mojito, and then a tapas platter to really get our taste buds in gear for the main course. Wonderful place for a romantic date or a special occasion with friends!

Address: 7426 West North Avenue
Phone: 708.456.6100


We're loving Phil's Sports Bar as a great place to catch the game and enjoy some drinks. They've also got some really good bar food here, so if you have a hankering for something good while you're sipping those delicious beers and watching the Cubs do their thing, it's right there for you to order and enjoy. The crowds that gather here are fun loving and friendly. Nothing but good times at Phil's!

Address: 2044 North Harlem Avenue
Phone: 708.456.3654


Dug Out is yet another one of our favorite sports bars in Elmwood Park, mostly due to the friendly bartenders who are always happy to converse with you or just help you pick out a drink that's different than your usual but will still satisfy your tastebuds! There's a great selection of beers on tap as well as in bottles, and there are plenty of TVs so you can catch all the big games no matter where you're seated within the bar. Great place to chill with your buddies!

Address: 7463 West Diversey Avenue
Phone: 708.452.1006

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