Forest Park, Illinois

Forest Park is a suburb of Chicago that's located within Cook County. The population is just over fifteen thousand. There are many landmarks to see within the area, including St Bernardine Catholic Church and The Ferrara Pan Candy Company, and you may also want to attend Oktoberfest or Rib-fest! Very popular events in the city. If you'll be visiting Forest Park, you will certainly want to know what the best places to eat and drink are. These are our favorites for bars and restaurants in the 60130 zip code.


Francesca's Fiore is a wonderful place to dine where you can not only enjoy some truly wonderful food, but also bask in an atmosphere that is both intimate and comfortable. The homemade pasta here really satisfies our cravings, and all of the fresh sauces are so delicious and fresh tasting. They also have fantastic seafood, and a brunch that's really worth talking about! Those on gluten-free diets will be happy to know that they have introduced gluten-free dishes to their menu as well. A nice choice for dinner any evening of the week, and also for those special occasions!

Address: 7407 Madison Street
Phone: 708.771.3063


Gaetano's Restaurant is one of our favorite places to dine in the Forest Park area, and one of the reasons for that is their impressive and extensive wine list. We also really love the warm Italian ambiance that has weaved itself throughout the restaurant. This is one of the pricier restaurants in the area, but we strongly feel that it's worth it. The chefs provide some of the very best Italian cooking you will ever experience. Very popular, so reservations are strongly suggested!

Address: 7636 Madison Street
Phone: 708.366.4010


One of the reasons that we recommend Cafe Deluca to all of our friends so highly is their beautiful patio. Just head upstairs to experience it. You will love the fireplace and the candles which really throw off enough heat and light to create the elegant atmosphere that you're craving. We love to come in for lunch and dinner, and especially that weekend brunch. The entire place has a very Tuscany-esque feel to it, and we absolutely love it. Best thing on the menu? Pollo Picante Panini! So wonderful. Very highly recommended.

Address: 7427 Madison Street
Phone: 708.366.9200


Healy's Westside is one of the coolest little pubs in the Forest Park area. They've got a very nice selection of beers both on draft and in bottles, and the restaurant is filled with lots of wide open space so you can really stretch out and enjoy yourself. No cramped seating here, that's for sure! We love the live entertainment on Saturdays. Note that Healy's recently moved a block west on the same street, so if you head out there and think it's gone, just keep on walking! You'll find it. Great vibe no matter what night of the week you go!

Address: 7321 West Madison Street
Phone: 708.366.4277


Portillo's Hot Dogs gets a consistent high recommendation from us in every city that it's located in, because without fail they serve up the best Chicago style hot dogs and Italian beef that we've ever tasted. And let's not forget the fantastic burgers and beer! We just love the low key ambiance here, the great service, the happy crowds who gather... it's an all around feel-good experience that is so native to Chicago, and who doesn't love that? Portillo's, once again, gets our highest of high recommendations.

Address: 7740 West Roosevelt Road
Phone: 708.383.7557


Shanahan's is your spot for Cajun and Creole flair on Madison Street in Forest Park. First things first - they've got cider on tap! Now that's what we're talkin' about! When it comes to the food it is simply superb. The jambalaya, the turtle soup, the pecan catfish, and even the real basics like chicken tenders, are all really fantastic. Lots of good garlic flavors weave throughout the menu, and we love that. The ambiance is completely unpretentious, just relaxed with a feel-good vibe! Wonderful place.

Address: 7353 Madison Street
Phone: 708.366.0775


Coral Sushi & Thai is a fusion blend of two of our favorite types of food, and best of all it is presented in a very unique way. The restaurant itself is very impressive, with wooden booths, a beautiful bar, and a fireplace that really makes you want to warm your bones beside it. Pairing pad thai with your sushi order is always a great choice. For the health conscious, note that brown rice is available for the sushi! That also makes it a great choice for a lunch stop in the middle of your hard working day. Note that beyond just Thai food, they also have some wonderful items that would fall under the headings of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and even Hawaiian. Wonderful!

Address: 7600 Madison Street
Phone: PHONE


Golden Steer is one of the best steak houses in all of Forest Park, and we find ourselves here at least once a week to enjoy that perfectly prepared prime rib! The French onion soup is a nice complement to any entree, and it is truly some of the best we have ever tasted. If you're in the mood for just a great burger or salad, they do those just right too. You simply will not find service better than this in the entire Chicago area. We always feel like royalty when we're here. Wonderful for those special occasions when you really want to celebrate!

Address: 7635 Roosevelt Road
Phone: 708.771.7798


Doc Ryan's is a very cool bar on Madison Street, with a little bit older crowd than some of the other bars, which we see as a major plus. It's usually more laid back during the week and then it can get a bit wild and boistrous on the weekends. If you're hungry you will be able to indulge in some really great tasting pizza, hamburgers, and more. The beers on draft and the liquor selection are both notable. This is one of the larger bars on the Madison Street strip, and we love the eclectic mix of patrons. Excellent place to celebrate those special occasions!

Address: 7432 Madison Street
Phone: 708.366.2823


Some call The Beacon Pub a dive, but note that those people say they love it in the very same breath! It's one of our favorite after-bowling stops, and the cheap drinks and friendly staff are what makes it so great. It's kind of tucked away in comparison to the popular bars on Madison Street (this one's on Circle Avenue), so that makes it a little more exclusive and we like that. Can't get enough of this place!

Address: 101 Circle Avenue
Phone: 708.366.7066

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