Frankfort, Illinois

The village of Frankfort is located in Will and Cook Counties of Illinois. There are just about seventeen thousand people calling Frankfort home at this point in time, and with all the great places to live, work, and relax within the area, there's no question why it's growing so rapidly. If you're looking for great places to dine and drink with friends in the 60423 zip code, look no further. Here are our highest recommendations within the area!


Francesca's is a classy and elegant, yet still casual and comfortable, Italian restaurant in Frankfort. Its convenient location on Kansas Street means that it's within reach of all the other enticing night spots in the area. It feels much like an upscale trattoria, and like all the other Francesca's locations in the Chicago area, it has a certain blend of class and style all its own. We recommend this place for big celebrations, business lunches, and even just a lovely weeknight dinner with those you love. Great for dates too!

Address: 40 Kansas Street
Phone: 815.464.1890


Jenny's Steak House gets our vote primarily because of their fabulous steak and seafood dishes, but of course there's more to it than just that. The live music is a big draw for us and for all the regular patrons, and everyone really enjoys the warm cozy fireplace too. The ambiance is so welcoming and comfortable, and the service is very friendly even if it is a bit slow at times. Just arrive early if you've got someplace special to go afterward so you can relax and soak up the vibe here. We really love it.

Address: 20 Kansas Street
Phone: 815.464.2685


Yet another Italian restaurant that we can't seem to get enough of in the Frankfort area is Enrico's! This fine restaurant serves up some of the very best Italian dishes in town. We realy love the generously sized sandwiches and perfectly cooked steaks, but they are perhaps best known for their intricately crafted pizzas which are authentically Italian. No matter what you order, the portions are large and the food is hearty enough to satisfy even the hungriest diner with the biggest appetite. Very highly recommended!

Address: 427 North La Grange Road
Phone: 815.469.4187


The Galway Tribes Irish Pub & Restaurant is one of the most relaxing bars and pubs that we have ever visited in the Frankfort area. They've got a very nice selection of beers on draft and in bottles too, and the selection of wines and liquors isn't bad either. The staff is one of the things that's really outstanding about this place, as they really go out of their way to make sure you have a wonderful evening. Great food too, including soups and salads, quesadillas and nachos, and even egg rolls. Great night out!

Address: 9680 Lincolnway Avenue
Phone: 815.464.9881


What is it about Aurelio's Pizza that keeps us coming back time after time? Well, for one, that fabulous pizza! Their thin crust is just perfect, and the sauce is just sweet enough for our taste. The breadsticks are amazing! We love to come in for their buffet, either for lunch or dinner. No matter what time you come in, everything comes out hot and fresh. They're consistent too, no unpleasant surprises! Just great food and service time after time!

Address: 310 West Lincoln Highway
Phone: 815.469.2196


What we love about Parmesans Wood Stone Pizza is that they prepare the pizza right there in front of you, so you can see what goes into that pizza pie before they bake it. Of course your pizza will be baked on a pizza stone, which gives it a more distinct crunch and evenly heats it all the way through so you get a great consistent flavor. We love warming up by the fireplace, and it's also a really romantic spot for those special dates. There are TVs to catch the game and wi-fi to stay connected too.

Address: 10235 West Lincoln Highway
Phone: 815.806.1919


Choo Choo Johnny's is a train-themed restaurant that the kids will just love, and if you still know how to have fun, you will too! There are trains throughout the restaurant, and the meals themselves are delivered on train wheels! Tip: If you and your dad used to work on model trains when you were a kid, bring him here for Father's Day or his birthday as a surprise! He'll love it. Definitely one of the most unique dining experiences you could ever have!

Address: 667 North La Grange Road
Phone: 815.806.9005


Old Plank Trail Tavern is one of our favorite low key bars where you can just relax with your shot and a beer, and enjoy some great conversation with the regulars or perhaps with the bartender. A lot of times we'll come in with friends and just while the whole night away, having great strong drinks that are cheap and yet never watered down, and enjoying the warm friendly vibe of this place. Gotta love it.

Address: 113 Kansas Street
Phone: 815.469.9586


Allstars Sports Bar is one of our favorite places to catch the game in Frankfort. Grab a few beers and some great bar food, and just kick back with your buddies to watch the Bears or the Cubs or whoever happens to be playing that night. The staff is very cool and friendly and we can say the same of the crowds who gather here to watch the games. Wonderful time all around!

Address: 7818 West Lincoln Highway
Phone: 815.806.8917


Once again we've got to recommend Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar because they offer us a consistently good time no matter which location we visit. The bar is our favorite place to sit, but there's plentiful seating around the entire establishment, and you'll want to grab a big table if you're sitting with friends and enjoying some of their wild wings! This is the place where you can get your wings tossed in your choice of more than a dozen flavors of sauce, so if you are the type who loves to customize, B. Dub's was made for you!

Address: 20596 South La Grange Road
Phone: 815.806.2223

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