Glen Ellyn, Illinois

With just over twenty five thousand residents, Glen Ellyn is one of the larger suburbs of Chicago. It gained a bit of fame in the movie Lucas, which starred Winona Ryder and Charlie Sheen, as well as some other notable films. But perhaps the most famous talent to come out of Glen Ellyn were John and Jim Belushi who both attended College of DuPage which is within city limits. Below you'll find a grouping of some of our favorite restaurants and lounges in the 60137 and 60138 zip codes!


We simply adore Bistro Monet. There is not a better restaurant in all of Glen Ellyn as far as we're concerned. Their short rib ravioli will have you hooked from your first bite, from that unbelievable mushroom cream sauce to the delicious Gruyere cheese. This is the kind of dish that even an Italian food aficianado could only dream of up until now, and that's only the beginning. Diving into the menu at this fine restaurant is a true pleasure. Our highest of high recommendations!

Address: 462 North Park Boulevard #4
Phone: 630.469.4002


If you're seeking the perfect wine bar where you can celebrate your successes with your business associates or gather with your best friends for a low key relaxing night, Cab's Wine Bar Bistro is it. You can sample their divine food and try some of the best wines around, and it isn't too expensive to enjoy all that and more. The ambiance is so warm and welcoming, and the crowds who gather here are always so happy and friendly. We just love this place!

Address: 430 North Main Street
Phone: 630.942.9463


Alfie's Inn is a fun family-friendly restaurant where both the adults and the kids can have a wonderful time. For you there is a classy fireplace, a bar, and an excellent outdoor seating area. For the kids there are souvenir cups, lollipops, and festive balloons. Of course both you and your kids will enjoy the medieval theme of the restaurant as well. The menu consists of everything from their famous baby back ribs to fish to burgers to corned beef and more! All your favorites are here and the service is outstanding.

Address: 425 Roosevelt Road
Phone: 630.858.2506


Santa Fe Restaurant in Glen Ellyn is a fabulous Mexican establishment where you can dine on the freshest and most delicious dishes you've ever tasted. Everything has just the right amount of cheese and sauce, and we love the fact that nothing is too greasy. It's all about the flavor here. They've also got good strong drinks that won't cost you an arm and a leg, so you can feel like you're really on the Mexican coast enjoying a fine meal and a cocktail!

Address: 426 North Main Street
Phone: 630.790.3311


Glen Oak is one of our top choices in the Glen Ellyn area, mostly because their menu is so incredibly extensive. Whatever you're craving, you're sure to find it on their menu. We've never encountered such a wide variety of entrees and appetizers. The wraps are probably one of our favorite things because they're so simple and delicious. The prices are very affordable and the servers are very attentive. An extremely high quality experience from beginning to end!

Address: 479 Pennsylvania Avenue
Phone: 630.469.6262


Golden Wok II Restaurant is such a great Chinese restaurant. Everything is cooked just right over high heat so that the vegetables stay nice and crispy while the meat gets perfectly cooked too, and then they put on just the right amount of sauce to really set off the flavors in the dish that you've chosen. The General Tso's chicken is probably our favorite, followed by the chop suey and the chow mein. The lo mein is also worth mentioning! Everything is fresh and delicious and served with the utmost care.

Address: 1180 Roosevelt Road
Phone: 630.691.8828


Shannon's Irish Pub is very authentic and inviting. The decor is reminiscent of a real pub in the Irish countryside, and the menu reflects those traditional ideas of what a pub experience should be. They've got some of the best soups we've ever tasted, along with very strong drinks that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Your favorite beers are on draft and they've also got a great selection in bottles. Excellent service all the way around.

Address: 428 North Main Street
Phone: 630.790.9080


What's different about this pub? It's a British pub rather than an Irish pub! Very hard to find one of these, so we really appreciate it. We love the fish and chips, and the three cheese bread with bleu cheese is really a great complement to just about anything on the menu. If you're seeking those British specialties that you haven't had since your last trip there, The Firkin & Fox is the only name you need to know.

Address: 411 North Main Street
Phone: 630.858.4369


Gratto Trattoria & Tapas Bar is always one of our favorite haunts no matter which location we're talking about. The one in Glen Ellyn gets a lot of our attention because of the exceptional service and the wonderful atmosphere. The food is just as great here as it is at all the other Gratto locations, and best of all you can rely on that consistent quality from location to location, so there are no unpleasant surprises. Just high quality, delicious food, and really friendly servers who make you feel right at home. We love this place.

Address: 433 North Main Street
Phone: 630.858.2488


Glen Prairie Fine Food & Drink is a fine dining establishment that's truly upscale and luxurious. There's nothing we love more than sitting down at one of their perfectly set tables and just soaking up the atmosphere before we dive into a delicious meal. We're absolutely hooked on the carmelized onion soup and the baby wedge salad, and in terms of the sandwiches we consider the Midwest Cuban and the Miller Farms Chicken Salad.

Address: 1250 Roosevelt Road
Phone: 630.613.1250

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