Gumee, Illinois

Gurnee's famous motto is "Community of Opportunity," and with the many businesses and attractions that dot its landscape, it's true that there are many opportunities to find rewarding employment, to start a business, or to reap the benefits of all the businesses that are already thriving! There are over thirty thousand people living in Gurnee right now, and if you are going to be one of them anytime soon, you'll want to check out these excellent bars and restaurants in the 60031 and 60032 zip codes!


Joe's Crab Shack is one of the most fun places to drink and dine with friends! We love the atmosphere, which really conjures up images of a cozy restaurant on the cost of a fishing town... but of course the wild modern style of the restaurant puts a whole new spin on things! The service is fast and friendly, and the crowds are lively and upbeat. We love coming here with friends to celebrate birthdays or just to enjoy the night!

Address: 5626 Northridge Drive
Phone: 847.662.4801


In-Laws is actually a combination of restaurant, banquet, and sports bar, and we love it all! The bar always has exciting events going on, and the restaurant includes a buffet of lunch and dinner items that will really make your mouth water. The crowds here are very fun loving and happy, so the vibe is always upbeat and alive. You will really enjoy the homemade soups that they serve up daily. Just an all around great time and a great dining experience too!

Address: 720 Milwaukee Avenue
Phone: 847.336.3166


Backyard Steak Pit Restaurant is one of our favorite restaurants in the Gurnee area, and we'd like to note that this is coming from some serious steak aficianados. The meat at Backyard Steak Pit is so high quality, and so perfectly prepared, that you won't even want to put any sauce on it whatsoever. It's that good. Of course you're not limited to that... the lobster and seafood is also a really mouthwatering choice, and only the tip of the iceberg. There are many reasons that this restaurant has been serving Gurnee since 1985, and you owe it to yourself to discover them all.

Address: 1818 North Grandwood Drive
Phone: 847.356.5200


We've always got to recommend Rainforest Cafe regardless of which location we're talking about, because the experience combines entertainment with a really wonderful dining experience, and that's always a win-win, especially when you've got kids. They'll love the souvenir shop and all the animatronic animals that bring the rainforest to life all around you as you're dining. The menu changes frequently but everything is always great, and the desserts are particularly delicious. Try the chocolate volcano for a large group!

Address: 6170 West Grand Avenue
Phone: 847.855.7800


Risotto's Italian Ristorante is a fabulous dining establishment that includes a well stocked bar and some of the best service you'll ever be treated to. Their menu includes all your favorite Italian dishes ranging from pastas to steaks, from seafood to chicken. Everything is of the utmost freshness and quality, and most of all you'll really enjoy the intimate and yet comfortable atmosphere. They've got live entertainment on the weekends too!

Address: 5101 Washington Street
Phone: 847.662.7100


Avalon Family Restaurant happens to be our favorite breakfast stop in the Gurnee area, but they also serve up a mean lunch and dinner that you will love. The servers are always friendly and very quick to take care of your order, and since it never takes long for your meal to be prepared you won't find yourself dealing with a long wait. The menu is traditional American food, so you can fill up on all that classic diner fare and really feel satisfied! Avalon Family Restaurant is a definite winner in our book!

Address: 4821 Grand Avenue
Phone: 847.244.0993


Fatman Pizza Pub & Sports Bar serves up some of the very best pizzas that you'll ever taste! We are big fans of their pizzas with pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms, and onions, but really any choice on the menu is a winner. We love the rustic atmosphere which includes a very soothing fireplace and a circle-shaped bar that makes it easy to interact with friends and enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant. Very highly recommended!

Address: 36309 North Skokie Highway
Phone: 847.244.8300


Timothy O'Toole's Pub is always a favorite for their authentic atmosphere, great food, and friendly service. The staff is always quick to welcome the guests whether they're regulars or brand new to the place, and they serve each order with the utmost care and attention. The drinks are good and strong and never watered down, and the drink prices are pretty good too! Definitely a fun experience every time we go.

Address: 5572 Grand Avenue
Phone: 847.249.0800


Kaiser's Pizza & Pub combines two of our favorite things... a pizzeria and a pub! There's nothing better than treating yourself to a piping hot Chicago pizza complete with just the right amount of sauce and all your favorite toppings, and washing it all down with a couple of your favorite beers on draft. The atmosphere here is so friendly and charming, and we can say the same of the waitstaff who really go out of their way to make your experience a good one!

Address: 1801 North Il Route 21
Phone: 847.336.6500


Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon is always a great choice when you're craving a big juicy steak. The atmosphere is consistently lively and upbeat, and it's kept very clean and tidy too. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, and they put in extra work to make sure that you are having the best possible experience. Best of all, the prices are very affordable, so it's perfect for group outings, especially if you happen to be the one who is picking up the tab! Great place to relax and enjoy a night out.

Address: 6210 Grand Avenue
Phone: 847.855.8182

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