Highland Park, Illinois

Highland Park is one of the most populated suburbs of Chicago with more than thirty thousand residents and many exciting attractions that bring in new people each year. Located in Lake County, its current claim to fame is that Michael Jordan lives there, which is another hint to the affluence that is a part of this city's makeup. The city also happens to be featured in several John Hughes films including Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Home Alone, and Uncle Buck. If you're visiting Highland Park, you'll want to consider visiting some of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 60035 and 60037 zip codes, below!


We cannot possibly recommend Rosebud of Highland Park enough. As you probably know, it is very popular among celebrities and all lovers of great food. The atmopshere is the most upscale and the most impressive of all the restaurants in Highland Park. And the quality of the food is unparalleled. For an appetizer we'd recommend the Eggplant Rotolo or the Sausage and Peppers, and the Rigatoni alla Vodka is the perfect choice for an entree. Of course the Pappardelle is also wonderful! Everything on the menu is fantastic! One of the best restaurants we've ever eaten in!

Address: 1850 2nd Street
Phone: 847.926.4800


Bluegrass has a casual elegance that no other restaurant in Highland Park seems to capture. We love their extensive wine list and beer selections, both of which happen to be all American. They've got a beautiful bar where you can enjoy your favorite cocktails while chatting with the friendly bartender. For an appetizer we recommend you try the Szechwan Spicy Calamari, the Escargot if that's your style, or the Mushroom Broil. Yum! The Bluegrass Salad is an essential, and another favorite is the BBQ Pulled Pork Platter. You can't go wrong with any selection on the menu.

Address: 1636 Old Deerfield Road
Phone: 847.831.0595


Bella Via combines a wonderful pizzeria with a classic Italian restaurant. Sometimes we come in just for the appetizers, the best of which are the Antipasto Della Casa, the Caprese, and the Carciofini Al Forno. If you're in the mood for a chicken dish, you'll want to try the Pollo Cacciatore or the Pollo Alla Parmigiana. Seafood lovers, you'll want to try the Halibut Piccata or perhaps the Salmone Alla Griglia. Everything here is fantastic and highly recommended!

Address: 1899 2nd Street #101
Phone: 847.681.8300


Carlos' is the place to go for contemporary French food. They've got all your favorite French dishes and wines, and they are served in an atmopshere of true class and sophistication. hey're currently selling an incredible cookbook too, so you can bring some of their signature tastes into your own home and make them a part of your family tradition. We would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves a great French meal.

Address: 429 Temple Avenue
Phone: 847.432.0770


Max's Deli & Restaurant makes it their mission to bring New York City style deli quality into Chicago and Highland Park. The atmosphere is purely NYC, and the menu reflects that bustling city that we all love so much. They've got all your favorite breakfasts, delicious homemade soups, fabulous salads, incredible cold salad plates (including chicken salad, tuna salad, chopped liver, and salmon salad, plus more), and of course all those delicious deli sandwiches that we can't get enough of!

Address: 191 Skokie Valley Road
Phone: 847.831.0600


Michael's Chicago Style Red Hots have been a part of the Highland Park experience since 1977, and we cannot imagine visiting the city without stopping in for a quick bite to eat. Their motto is, "Not fast food... good food fast!" We love all their hot dogs and hamburgers, especially the Char Polish Sausage and the Double Buffalo Burger! Wraps and salads make excellent choices for the health conscious in your group. They've also got really great frozen yogurt which makes a delicious dessert!

Address: 1879 2nd Street
Phone: 847.432.3338


Craving some delicious pancakes and breakfast food? Forget about the usual place and give Walker Bros Original Pancake House a try. Their old fashioned and original approach to serving you the best breakfast possible will really win your heart. After one visit you'll be hooked. Pancakes, waffles, eggs... all your favorites are here, served with a smile, and of course fresh and hot right to your table. We love this spot for breakfast! Very highly recommended!

Address: 620 Central Avenue
Phone: 847.432.0660


Sushi Kushi Too. If you're not already familiar with this cozy little sushi spot, allow us to introduce you. They've got the freshest and most delicious rolls, including some really wonderful specialties, plus your favorite Japanese entrees, soups, and much more. The staff is always friendly and happy to see you, and they're also happy to help you find what you're looking for if you're new to the sushi experience. Very highly recommended to anyone who loves great sashimi and Japanese food!

Address: 495 Central Avenue
Phone: 847.681.8997


Jamba Juice is famous for their smoothies, having hailed from California, bringing their unique blend of all natural goodness to our home state of Illinois. They've got more than just smoothies though! We've become hooked on their fresh juices, and it's a nice change of pace to stop for a healthy juice in the middle of the work day in lieu of (or in addition to!) that usual cup of coffee! Great place to stop for a snack on a busy day too! We love Jamba Juice. If you haven't tried it yet, it's about time that you do.

Address: 1849 Green Bay Road # 113
Phone: 847.266.8121


Gabe's Backstage Lounge is the perfect complement to Gabriel's Restaurant. They're two sides of a perfect coin. On one hand you've got Gabriel's serving up delicious pizza with a perfect crust, delicious sauce, and just the right sprinkling of cheese and toppings. Then you've got Gabe's which serves up live music every weekend! Delicious food and great entertainment... what more could you want? Clearly one of our favorite choices in the Highland Park area.

Address: 214 Green Bay Road
Phone: 847.266.1313

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