Huntley, Illinois

Huntley is one of the fastest growing villages surrounding Chicago, situated in McHenry and Kane counties, with close to twenty three thousand residents at the last count in 2008. We love to go to the bars and restaurants in the area, and then end the night with some great conversation at the gazebo in the center of Jim Dhamer Square. If you're planning to do the same, you'll want to check out the bars and restaurants in the 60142 zip code that we recommend the most highly! And here they are below.


Del Toro's Tex Mex is the place where you'll find the most authentic Mexican food in all of Huntley as far as we're concerned, and we really love the romantic atmosphere with the warm cozy fireplace. They've also got TVs to catch the game, darts, and a private room for parties. Both the fajitas and enchiladas are our personal favorites, but honestly everything on the menu is amazing. Everything's cooked perfectly with just the right amount of spices. Highly recommended!

Address: 10400 North Il Route 47
Phone: 847.659.1795


Niko's Grill and Pub is a cool place to gather with friends and enjoy some really great food and drinks. They've got everything that you could want from steak to fish to pasta, and all the extras including fresh bread, homemade soup, and more. We'd also highly recommend the delicious gyros which come complete with feta and olives. That's a flavor that you could get addicted to! They've got a lot of specialties on both the Greek and Italian sides, so it's a good blend of European flavors. We love it!

Address: 11900 Freeman Road
Phone: 847.669.6973


Huntley Dairy Mart is a cute spot for ice cream, and it's one of the few ice cream stands that stays open all year round! If you're like us and you get those ice cream cravings closer to Christmas than to Independence Day, you will love that. They've got some wonderful lunch offerings, and don't overlook the slushes. The only complaint about this place is that the cashiers tend to be high school students, so the level of customer service is a little hit or miss. But that's what you expect at ice cream shops. That's not a big enough complaint to detract from the great ice cold and piping hot treats that can be had here!

Address: 10706 North Il Route 47
Phone: 847.669.5737


Rosati's Pizza & Catering always gets a high recommendation from us, and they've got so many wonderful locations in the Chicagoland area including this one in Huntley. The pizza is so delicious here, just perfectly made with the right amount of sauce, cheese, and toppings. The ambiance is comfortable and casual, and the staff is always very welcoming and friendly. We love their deep dish! Very highly recommended for catering of private parties too.

Address: 10896 North Il Route 47
Phone: 847.669.6500


Sammy's Restaurant and Bar is one of our favorite night life spots in Huntley, and one of the main reasons for that is their weekly karaoke night, Friday at 9:00 PM. You will love the drink specials and pool league on the bar side, and on the restaurant side you'll be able to indulge in some really delicious lunches and dinners. Breakfast all day too! Very family friendly and comfortable, yet nice for dates and special occasions too.

Address: 11012 North Route 47
Phone: 847.669.9025


We've got to include Culver's on this list of great restaurants, because after you've dined at some of the more upscale choices on this menu, you just may want to dial it down a notch and have a low key ice cream with your friends before you all head home. Or you just may choose to have some of their wonderful burgers and chicken and skip the upscale altogether! We recommend their salads, shakes, and sundaes, but everything here is so good!

Address: 13240 State Road 47
Phone: 847.669.3554


Walleye Grill is one of the more romantic dinner locations in Huntley, with both an intimate restaurant side complete with a cozy fireplace, and a bar side that indulges your craving for the night life. They serve all meals here, including breakfast and brunch, and everything is fantastic. We always come out for their brunch because the price is right and the variety of food is just staggering. Really highly recommended!

Address: 12860 Del Webb Boulevard
Phone: 847.515.7675


Papa Saverios is one of our personal favorites when it comes to Italian food in Huntley. We're big fans of their barbecue items, their chicken, their pizza, their appetizers, their salads... they are all fantastic! Best of all the service is top notch and the ambiance is very family friendly and yet cozy enough for dates or special occasions too. Don't forget to try the calzones!

Address: 12070 Princeton Drive
Phone: 847.669.0009


Parkside Pub is one of the great laid back bars in the Huntley area, with a very diverse group who gathers late in the evenings for some great pub grub and ice cold beer. They've got much better food here than at any other bar in the area, including fish, ribs, and jumbo shrimp. We also love the chili here! The selection of beers on tap is pretty good, and they've also got a great amount of liquors and mixers so you can get just about anything you want here. Love this place!

Address: 11721 East Main Street
Phone: 847.669.8496


Luigi's Pizza is best known, of course, for its pizza, but we're here to tell you that they've got a lot of overlooked items that are definitely worth a try. Nothing groundbreaking here really, just great chicken fingers, salads, etcetera, but it's all of the highest quality. So fresh! This is one of our favorite pizza joints in the area, and we will vouch for the fact that their crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings are all perfect. Just great!

Address: 11019 North Woodstock Street
Phone: 847.669.1611

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