Kankakee, Illinois

Kankakee is one of the larger suburbs of Chicago with just under thirty thousand residents. It's located in the county of the same name. It's been mentioned in the Steve Goodman penned song City of New Orleans, as well as the Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg penned Lydia the Tattooed Lady. The city received bad press in recent years after being ranked the worst metro area to live in by the Places Rated Almanac, but since then has undergone a giant turnaround with many attractions added. These are just a few of our favorite bars and cocktail lounges in the 60901 zip code! If you're in the area or are coming to town anytime soon, make a note of the ones you'd like to try and make it a point to stop there.


Homestead Restaurant has been gracing the city of Kankakee with its presence for more than fifty years. It began much simpler than it is now, with its gradual expansion to include a lounge, new dining areas, and a very nice fireplace. As the years go by it only gets better, with the finest food and the most excellent service. It's wonderful having private events catered by Homestead Restaurant. They have never let us down and we feel very comfortable recommending them to you.

Address: 1230 South East Avenue
Phone: 815.933.6214


One Sixty Four North, or 164 North, is a fine dining establishment where you'll literally walk the red carpet to the dinner of your dreams. The menu includes all your favorite upscale offerings, from prime steaks to the freshest seafood available, from delicious and generously sized pasta dishes to perfectly cooked pork chops. THey also have a full bar so you can enjoy some cocktails or perhpas some wine or beer after your meal. There is no better place in Kankakee to celebrate special times with friends!

Address: 164 North Schuyler Avenue
Phone: 815.936.0164


Club Irwin has recently come under new management, so if you haven't visited in a while, you'll definitely want to stop back in. The food is really wonderful, very fresh and perfectly cooked, always served piping hot with a gourmet flair. When it comes to the bar, it's well stocked and well staffed too, with very friendly bartenders who are as eager to make conversation with you as they are to mix the perfect drink for you! Very highly recommended!

Address: 4460 Main Street
Phone: 815.936.9980


Blues Cafe is one of our favorite breakfast spots, but they are also an excellent place to go any time of day for some of the best home style cooking you'll ever taste. It's been in business since 1954, and no that isn't a typo! They're great enough to stand the test of time. We love their delicious homemade pies, their biscuit gravy, and their world class meatloaf and spaghetti. Everything on the menu is top notch and so good!

Address: 1190 West Station Street
Phone: 815.933.5315


It's easy to get hooked on Bull's Pit Smoked Barbecue. If you're a lover of barbecued food, you will not be able to resist this place. They've got the best chicken, the most flavorful fall-off-the-bone ribs, the greatest sauces, and best of all, the nicest and most welcoming staff of any restaurant in the area. The focus is really on the customer here, and on making sure that you have the best time possible as well as the best food they can possibly serve. An all around great dining experience for the BBQ lover!

Address: 125 West Station Street
Phone: 815.932.2399


We've been a big fan of Landing Bar & Grill for quite a while now, mostly for the great conversations, the laid back atmosphere, and of course the cheap drinks that are good and strong and never ever watered down! If you can appreciate a good low key bar like we can, you'll want to give this one a try. The staff is incredibly friendly and so are the regulars. Everyone is welcoming and the food is great!

Address: 575 South Schuyler Avenue
Phone: 815.935.5454


Eddie's Bar & Grill, like the previous place we mentioned, is just a great low key bar where you can let you hair down and relax for a change. The regulars and the staff are both very friendly, so if you happen to come in alone you won't have to worry about finding someone to make conversation with. The food and drinks are both excellent, served quickly, and prepared just right. We have no complaints about this cozy little bar! We just love it!

Address: 1875 West Station Street
Phone: 815.939.3972


Does Jailhouse Rock have to pay royalties to Elvis' estate to use his likeness and the name of one of his songs? We don't know and we don't care! All we care about is that the drinks are good and strong and the bar is a great place to be. It also happens to be a great place to rent out for private parties, and you can even buy Elvis Presley merchandise here! If you love a little kitsch with your bar, you will adore this place. Give it a shot, you'll love it.

Address: 793 North 5th Avenue
Phone: 815.932.7526


Cypress Tavern is a relaxed bar where you can gather with good friends to enjoy some hot food and cold drinks. We love the rustic vibe and the old fashioned way that the staff has of tending to the guests. They're very attentive, very caring, and very the-customer-is-always-right. And who doesn't appreciate THAT? The food is delicious and the drinks are good and strong, and never too expensive. Very highly recommended!

Address: 536 East Cypress Street
Phone: 815.933.2522


Great Wall Chinese Restaurant has taken a cue from that majestic wall and crafted an incredible menu of really impressive dishes. Their chop suey and chow mein are two of our personal favorites, and we also enjoy the General Tso's because of its unique spicy flavor that's just a little bit different than the typical General Tso's that you've tried elsewhere. Their tea is especially flavorful, and the service is outstanding. Very highly recommended.

Address: 1545 West Court Street
Phone: 815.936.1888

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