Maple Park, Illinois

Maple park is a village that overlaps the Dekalb and Kane counties. It's a relatively small village that has plenty to offer in the form of restaurants and entertainment, which it shares with the neighboring city of Dekalb. Most of the places here are favorites by locals, and its a great place to meet and exchange stories with interesting people who proudly call 60151 home.

Maple Park Pub & Grill

This Pub and Grill is known far and wide for having some of the best Sandwiches and burgers in the metro area. The grill is always hopping when you come here, and you always get your meal quicky and with plenty of time to enjoy it. The prices are incredible for the quality of food that you get and the wait staff are there to make sure that your entire experience is perfect, from start to finish. Once you leave, you won't be able to wait to come back for more.

Address: 221 Main Maple Park, IL 60151
Phone: (815) 827-3452


Bootleggers is a very casual pizza place and bar, that also serves various other American style cuisine, each prepared by excellent chefs, and served to you by careful waiters and waitresses who are fun and prepared to help you in any way shape or form. They have a very casual ambience but a food that's unique and delicious. Its a very nice location to sit down and have a good lunch or dinner.

Address: 107 Main St Maple Park, IL 60151
Phone: 107 Main St Maple Park, IL 60151

Acquaviva Winery

Acquaviva Winery is an excellent restaurant and an event venue. The venue is gorgeous, you won't find a pretty more sophisticated ambiance anywhere you go. There is plenty of room huge parties of even well over 100 guests to mingle and enjoy, you also get an event coordinator that makes the entire process seamless and entertaining. You also get rounds of wine tours for you and your party, as well as amazing food. Even if you have a really big event.

Address: 47 W 614 Rt 38 Maple Park, IL 60151
Phone: (630) 365-0333

Sorrento's Restaurant

Illinois has plenty of Steakhouses for you to choose from, but right there towards that top, marked as one of the best, is Sorrento's Restaurant. Here is a great place to get the same quality steak of an upscale restaurant somewhere else, at a fraction of the cost, and without that dressy attire. Here, you can be as casual as you like, and still enjoy a delicious prime rib. Your food is served to you by professional and attentive waiters, and made my chefs who are proud of there work.

Address: 50 W 187 Rt 64 Maple Park, IL 60151
Phone: (815) 895-5466

Moon Dance Diner and Grill

This is a fantastic diner to visit for some quality dinner or lunch, or brunch. Its amazing service starts with the very moment you walk in through the door. You will get seated immediately and enjoy some of the nicest people serving you your food, which is also prepared deliciously as if it were your very own home cooked meal. The entire experience makes you feel as if you're actually receiving a home cooked meal.

Address: 309 Main St Maple Park, IL 60151
Phone: (815) 827-0063

Winners Circle Bar & Grill

Winner's Circle Bar & Grill is held in an old brick building with a wood shingle covered front entrance that's surrounded by pine tress. Inside you get lots of wood all around you from the walls, to the floor, to the bar. It gives this grill a very unique atmosphere and you really feel like you're walking into a friend's home. The food you get served and the drinks really seal the deal, as you feel right at home when you come here.

Address: 50W226 Old State Rd Maple Park, IL 60151
Phone: (815) 895-2676

Fatty's Pub and Grill

Fatty's is known for having an excellent selection beers, especially local craft beers, as well as top notch "bar food" for highly reasonable prices you get giant steak fries as well as burgers that will fill you up twice over. You get a bit of a dive bar feel when you come here as well, so you know you get local quality from both the people, and the food, as well as the drinks.

Address: 1312 W Lincoln Hwy Dekalb, IL 60115
Phone: (815) 758-7737

Ruby Tuesdays

Sometimes its nice to indulge in a more familiar chain style restaurant. With Ruby Tuesdays you can certainly accomplish that, while still getting that personal pizzas provided by extremely kind and attentive wait staff. You also get a full bar, that's stocked with liquors and all kinds of beers and apple ciders. The food is good as well. You can't go wrong with going for the familiarity and quality that Ruby Tuesdays provides.

Address: 2370 Sycamore Rd Dekalb, IL 60115
Phone: (815) 748-7900


Taxco is your best source for authentic Mexican cuisine. You get outstanding service and awesome food. As what most Mexican restaurants are known for, here you get unbeatable margaritas and an outstanding selection of tequila. You partner this with an incredible service provided by great bar tenders as well as wonderful waitresses, and you get one heck of an unforgettable experience. Its an absolute must visit for you and your group, for a good time.

Address:223 W State St Sycamore, IL 60178
Phone: (815) 895-2545

Pj's Courthouse Tavern & Grille

Pj's Courthouse specializes in some of the best bar food in Illinois. Its a local favorite in the DeKalb/ Syncamore area. The building its self is an older building and has some nice charm to it, and the servers here try their hardest to make sure that charm is not lost. All the food here is made deliciously, from the burgers to the fish fries that they do. It's a must try for lunch dinner, or late nights, and there are plenty of draft beers for you to choose from as well.

Address: 202 W State St Sycamore, IL 60178
Phone:(815) 895-9253

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