Matteson, Illinois

Matteson is a village near Chicago that at last count had just over seventeen thousand people calling it home. One of the best reasons to come to Matteson is to enjoy some of the eateries and lounges that are located within city limits. If you're coming into Matteson anytime soon, please take note of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 60443 zip code.


Everybody in Matteson just loves Olive Garden. It's always packed with happy customers enjoying their Italian fare, from the salads to the sandwiches and of course to that delicious seafood. The regulars are always recognized and appreciated, but even if you've never been there before you'll feel right at home. We love their soups and breads, and if you come in on your birthday (at least last time we visited!) they'll give you a free mini-cake that is really mouth watering and delicious. One of the best in the area!

Address: 5220 West 211th Street
Phone: 708.481.0045


Red Lobster is a classic, and it's still going strong in Matteson after all these years. Since 1968! There's no place else in town to get deliciously fresh seafood of this high quality, and we can't count how many times we've enjoyed a meal here. You'll love the nice decor here, and you'll also enjoy choosing your own lobster from the tank, a real Red Lobster tradition. Look out for their shrimp and lobster specials when you'll really get a lot of food for your money!

Address: 3915 West 211th Street
Phone: 708.481.8510


Mr Benny's Steakhouse is the place to go in Matteson for a really great steak. It's literally the only steakhouse that we're aware of in the area, and it also happens to be fabulous. It's one of the most romantic restaurants in town, where you can sit back and enjoy the ambiance with that special date. You may want to consider renting out their private party room for your special occasions including birthdays, showers, and receptions. You'll love the bar too!

Address: 20857 South Cicero Avenue
Phone: 708.481.5800


Pizza Hut is always a great quick stop when you're heading out to an event and you need to grab a quick bite to eat with friends ahead of time. The ambiance still has that cool and dark vibe that it always has, and you can just relax in that atmosphere while enjoying some wonderful pizza. During the work day you'll want to stop in between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM for their lunch buffet. Great way to break up the day and really get a great hot meal too.

Address: 4727 Lincoln Mall Drive
Phone: 708.748.5100


We always have to recommend Fuddruckers when it's located in any of the cities that we're reviewing, because it's one of those fun and casual places to eat that's great for just about any occasion. It doesn't matter if it's a date, a night out with your family, or a midday outing with friends. It's very kid friendly too, with video games and claw machines to keep them busy when they've finished their meals and you're still lingering over drinks. Lots of healthy choices here in addition to the greasy ones that you love!

Address: 300 Town Center Road
Phone: 708.747.7763


Applebee's Neighborhood Grill is one of those chain restaurants that seems to be everywhere you look, but we just never get tired of it. They've got such great items on the menu including flavors from the American, Cajun, Barbecue, and International categories! We love their steaksa nd ribs, and of course those wonderful hamburgers! It doesn't get any more American than that! Wonderful service and a comfortable bar too.

Address: 400 Town Center Road
Phone: 708.503.4037


Cracker Barrel is one of the coolest little restaurants you'll ever dine in. It's got that kitschy country store where you can pick up souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones, and then you can head into the dining room to enjoy some of the best country food (and some of hte largest portions!) that you have ever been treated to! We love the style of this restaurant from top to bottom, and we always have a great time whenever we go.

Address: 1020 Corporate Lakes Drive
Phone: 708.503.4000


Panera Bread is one of our favorite "fast food" restaurants if you can call it that, because there are much healthier choices here than at any of their drive-thru type counterparts. We love the sandwiches, the bagels, and especially the coffees and other iced drinks. It's one of the quickest lunch stops because you just pick up your meal at the counter, no waiting for a slow waitress to decide to bring it to you. Gotta love Panera!

Address: 4864 Lincoln Highway
Phone: 708.679.0181


Pepe's Mexican Restaurant is a great low key place to relax and enjoy some of your cheesy and delicious Mexican favorites! They've got both Mexican and Tex Mex flavors here, including some really mouth watering burritos, fajitas, and tacos that we simply can't get enough of. They are open for both lunch and dinner, and they've got some specials that will really help you to save a few bucks. Live music on the weekends! Gotta love it!

Address: 4431 Lincoln Highway
Phone: 708.748.4400


Buffets tend to get a bad rap, but Dustie's Southern Style Buffet is one that we have got to recommend to you. The food is very high quality, and the layout is great so you won't find yourself waiting in any one spot for too long. The seating is very comfortable and the decor is nice too. Definitely worth a try if you haven't been there before. And the best part is that you don't have to wait for a waitress! Just go right up and serve yourself. Gotta love it.

Address: 4012 Lincoln Highway
Phone: 708.228.5500

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