Montgomery, Illinois

Montgomery is a village that's a suburb of Chicago, and it is located in Kane and Kendall counties. This is definitely one of the more medium sized suburbs, but one of the fastest growing, having leaped from five thousand in 2000 to almost fifteen thousand in 2006! Are you visiting or moving to Montgomery anytime soon? Take a look at this list of bars and restaurants that we compiled for you in the 60538 zip code.


You've gotta love the Montgomery Applebee's location. They've got a lot of great items on the menu so you and your buddies can go in, get a quick bite to eat without breaking the bank, and even have money left over for some drinks at the bar when you're finished! Sometimes we come in just for the bar. The service is really great. We love the atmosphere too. Everything's high quality here! Recommended.

Address: 350 US Route 30
Phone: 630.966.8944


How many times have we stopped at Dairy Queen before a night out to enjoy some great burgers, ice cream, and other American favorites? It's cheap, it's fast, and of course standing in that line has practically become a tradition! Kids and adults both love going here in the summer time, and we all shed a tear when it closes down for the winter months! We just had to include the Montgomery DQ location on this list of recommended restaurants!

Address: 1831 Douglas Road
Phone: 630.801.9555


Chinese Wok is the best source for Chinese takeout in Montgomery! The service can be a little bit slow, but since the food is so good we don't mind it at all. We recommend all the classics here, like the chop suey, any of the chicken and vegetable dishes, and of course the General Tso's chicken and teriyaki chicken too! Everything is great. Very highly recommended for takeout!

Address: 1833 Douglas Road
Phone: 630.897.6708


Grandma's Table has been in business since 1984, and there's no question why this place is still going strong. We love their slogan, "There's No Place Like Home... Except Grandma's." All of the food is homemade and so fresh. They've got a beautiful ceiling painted with clouds that you can look up at and enjoy while you're eating those famous waffles and skillets. There are great deals here for the kids and for the seniors, and you'll find that the prices are pretty good for those of us in between too! Very highly recommended!

Address: 1700 Douglas Road
Phone: 630.892.1100


What can we tell you about River View Diner that you don't already know? Surely if you're familiar with the Montgomery area, you've already been frequenting this place for years! They've got wonderful dishes from burgers to steaks, from seafood to chicken, from breakfast to dinner! We love their skillets and their pies, and they've even got beer and dessert, so whichever one you'd like to finish that meal off with, take your pick! One of the most relaxed and enjoyable places on this list for certain.

Address: 1420 Southeast River Road
Phone: 630.859.3737


China Chef is very popular with everyone in the Montgomery area. The portions are HUGE! You'll wonder how they can do it at such low prices. Note that it does get very busy during the dinner hours, even for takeout, so you'll want to call in that order plenty early! Really wonderful food unlike anything you'll find elsewhere. Be sure to check this one out when you are in the Montgomery area.

Address: 1335 Douglas Avenue
Phone: 630.801.1688


Elmer's Dog House is just a basic neighborhood bar, no frills, nothing fancy. And we like it that way. They do have some really great bar fare, ranging from burgers to steak and even the occasional fish fry. The daily specials will help you to save a few bucks. Always a good time here, especially with all the fun regulars and the friendly waitstaff!

Address: 1250 South Broadway Road
Phone: 630.844.1115


Rosati's Pizza is one of our favorites in Montgomery for a real authentic Chicago style pizza. We've dined here many times, and we're always so happy with the wonderful tasting crust, the perfectly tangy yet sweet sauce, and the generously sprinkled toppings and cheese that make it all come together so seamlessly. The ambiance is very family friendly and relaxed, making it perfect for family get togethers and dates alike. Very cool place to chill out and just enjoy the night!

Address: 2083 Orchard Road
Phone: 630.264.4410


Tasty Bite has so many wonderful treats that we just can't seem to resist. If you're looking for a fast meal that will really satisfy your appetite for comfort food, look no further. Tasty Bite's gyros, tacos, Polish sausage, pizza puffs, hot dogs, and more will definitely do the trick. Everybody loves this place!

Address: 1783 Douglas Road
Phone: 630.264.2243


We've got to recommend Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches. They've got so many delicious and healthful choices, and some not so healthful that are just too delicious to resist! Somehow those "free smells" that are their trademark always lead us into the restaurant and before we know it we're ordering a sandwich. We also highly recommend their unwiches which are wrapped in lettuce instead of bread. Talk about a great crunch. Gotta love it!

Address: 2085 Orchard Road
Phone: 630.801.8080

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