Morris, Illinois

In Morris, you'll find all the amnesties of the big city, with a small town atmosphere. It's a charming, historic city that is full of beautiful parks, plenty of fine restaurants, and many quaint downtown shops. Morris is the county seat of Grundy County, and is also the county's largest community. You will also find that Morris is home to the Dresden Nuclear Power Plant which supplies a substantial portion of power to the Chicago metropolitan area. Visitors and shoppers come all over to enjoy the shops here in the 60450 area.

R-Place Family Eatery

Don't let it's truck stop look discourage you. The food, the service and the atmosphere here, are all amazing and absolutely worth a try. You get excellent American style food such as Chicken Pot Pies, a good recommendation, as well as a full bar with beers and harder liquors. The decor features an adorable puppet show as well as other nick knacks.

Address: 21 Romines Dr Morris, IL 60450
Phone: (815) 942-3690

Ron's Pork Shack

Ron's Pork Shack offers more than just burgers, its straight up soul food. You're sure to feel warmer once you've experienced this place. All the food is made to perfection and the warmth radiates from the friendly staff around here. They also provide a catering service so that yo can enjoy the delicious food with your entire group. Its an absolute must to visit here.

Address: 1514 Creek Dr Morris, IL 60450
Phone: (815) 941-7675

Corleone's Italian Restaurant

Corleone's Italian Restaurant is a staple in Morris. It's a family owned Italian restaurant that you can rely on, to always provide you with the very best food. It's a great place to get quick, cheap and tasty food, or a place to sit down and have more a gourmet meal. As to be expected from a family style restaurant, here you also get incredible service and you really feel like you're getting a home cooked meal.

Address: 110 Liberty St Morris, IL 60450
Phone: (815) 942-6965

The Sandlot Sports Bar

The Sandlot offers a little more class then your average sports bar. This carries onto the very unique American style food that you might only find in higher end restaurants. Sandlot also carries a full bar with an extremely wide variety of beers many of them draft. The bartenders, and the staff in general, are always extremely friendly.

Address: 312 Liberty St Morris, IL 60450
Phone: (815) 941-1200


Chapin's is a very classy seafood and steak joint that offers its guests a very romantic ambience that's perfect for a nice date night with delicious food and drink. Here you can enjoy a very high quality meal of your favorite steak and seafood dishes, as well as enjoy a great selection of specialty drinks. The service is also absolutely professional, and the wait staff are always there to fill your drink and keep you happy.

Address: 701 N Liberty St Morris, IL 60450
Phone: (815) 942-1880

Morris Diner & Pancake House

The Morris Diner & Pancake House is a great place to get awesome pancakes for breakfast, or an assortment of other great traditional American foods for breakfast lunch and dinner. This is the way family dinners are supposed to be. You come in here and you get nothing short of a home cooked meal, as well as waitstaff that is charming and fun to talk to, while keeping your glass full and order served quickly.

Address: 1920 Division St Morris, IL 60450
Phone: (815) 942-6887

Big Fish Bar & Grille

Big Fish has traditional American style seafood that is prepared to perfection by master chefs. The summer view it offers is unbeatable, as you enjoy fish and oysters with a cold drink, in hand served by amazing and professional bartenders, watching boats sail down the river. The food is even presented to you masterfully, by excellent waiters and waitresses. Its a great location to visit and enjoy top notch seafood and cold drinks.

Address: 27425 S Will Rd Wilmington, IL 60481
Phone: (815) 476-9331

Honest Abe's Tap & Grill

Honest Abe's is honestly quite a wonderful grill to visit and get great food. It's a tap house as well, so you also have a very wide variety of micro brews and craft beers for you to choose from. You also get a wide array of traditional American cuisine to choose from. The servers here are trained to be professional when serving you, while still maintaining that more fun feel that you might enjoy from a nice local grill such as this.

Address: 3585 N State Rt Ste 47 Morris, IL 60450
Phone: (815) 941-2485

Sherwood Oaks

Sherwood Oaks is a family owned restaurant that serves a really wide variety of food that will accommodate you and your entire group. The food is deliciously prepared and really feels like more of a home cooked meal. Your servers are nice, respectful, and on top of that, always ready to make sure that your food comes out in a timely manner and you enjoy yourselves. You get a ton of food with your order as well.

Address: 1571 Division St. Morris, IL 60450
Phone: (815) 941-0427

Maria's Ristorante and Pizzeria

Of course the Chicago area is known for supporting some of the best pizza in the world. The pizza is known for big, delicious, and highly filling. So, if you want to try the best of the best, check out Maria's Ristorante and Pizzeria. They serve a wide array of food including pizza, pasta, and seafood, as well as other American entrees. It's a wonderful place to celebrate events big or small, or to order the food as take out and enjoy it at home.

Address: 1591 Division St Morris, IL 60450
Phone: (815) 942-3351

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