North Chicago, Illinois

North Chicago is not just a part of Chicago, it is a city in itself, located in Lake County, Illinois. Those who aren't from this area often don't realize it. It's one of the larger cities, with more than thirty five thousand people filling the residential areas. Beyond being a great place to live and work, it's also well known as the home of the Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Abbott Laboratories, and the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. We love dining and drinking in the 60064, 60086, and 60088 zip codes, and these are some of our favorite choices for restaurants and bars in the area.


We love Big Ed's BBQ in North Chicago so much! They've got the most amazing chicken wings, catfish, perch, and so much more! The sides are another thing that really keeps us coming back for more, including beans, mac and cheese, cole slaw, collard greens, cornbread muffins, and more. We love that the kids menu includes a Rib Tip Snack Pack. A little something different! Highly recommended!

Address: 2501 Martin Luther King Jr Drive
Phone: 847.578.1901

Flanagan's Restaurant

Flanagan's Restaurant is one of our favorite places to go on the weekends and on holidays, because at those times they serve an excellent breakfast buffet that will really get you up and out of bed in the morning! They've got both a restaurant and lounge so you can enjoy your food in a calming and elegant atmosphere and then head over to the lounge area for some drinks and great conversation with friends.

Address: 3201 Buckley Road
Phone: 847.689.9062

5 Points Restaurant

5 Points Restaurant really gets the All-American vibe right. They've got a classic atmosphere, old fashioned service that really puts the focus on the customer, and of course great American favorites like hamburgers and desserts that will fill your tummy without breaking the bank! If you're looking for an experience that's like stepping back in time to when the food was good and the service was outstanding, we highly recommend 5 Points!

Address: 2505 Green Bay Road
Phone: 847.689.0061


Toby's Tavern is one of our favorite spots on Sunday afternoons, because they've got a great brunch buffet that they serve from noon all the way until 6:00 PM. Everything from incredible salads and southern food to your American favorites. The rib tips are another of our favorites, and all the cocktails are superb. Great place to relax on the weekends or on the weekday after a long hard day at work!

Address: 1930 Green Bay Road
Phone: 847.689.4742


Mr B's Lounge has been around for as long as we can remember, and it's always been one of our favorite after work hangouts. There's no better place to just stop in and get some cheap drinks and good food. The service is always good and the atmosphere is consistent, reminding you of all the good times in the past and helping you to make another one tonight! Definitely one of our favorite spots.

Address: 700 Broadway Avenue
Phone: 847.689.4415


Selena's Lounge has been one of our favorite places for a late night drink for quite some time now. We love the calm and inviting atmosphere, but mostly what brings us back time after time is the superb service. The waitstaff and bartenders have that old fashioned attitude where the customer is the focus and all they care about is that you have a great time. We love to go here to soak up those great vibes, and the low prices definitely don't hurt either!

Address: 1022 14th Street
Phone: 847.473.5691


Looking for some real barbecue in the Chicagoland area? Look no further, Hillery's Bar-BQ is it. There's nothing else like enjoying some of their delicious barbecue chicken, rib tips, pulled pork, or catfish, and washing it all down with a giant thirst quencher of a drink. The hickory smoked flavor is unrivaled by any other BBQ joint in the area!

Address: 1617 14th Street
Phone: 847.473.1722


We've got to preface this one with a disclaimer: China Kitchen is just a tiny hole in the wall restaurant. If you're dining in, there is very limited seating, but it's worth it even if you've got to wait! The food is fantastic. Our favorite is the General Tso's, which is so much more flavorful than at any other Chinese restaurant we've ever tried it at. Very highly recommended for the fast service and the amazing flavors!

Address: 2718 Martin Luther King Jr Drive
Phone: 847.688.9988


Jamaican Cuisine is one of the most unique restaurants you will find in the North Chicago area. They've got wonderful dishes like curried goat, or if you're less adventurous you can get the curried chicken which has all the flavor but will be more familiar to you. The owner and staff have been very friendly ever time we come in, and we just love this cozy little restaurant. Highly recommended!

Address: 1536 Sheridan Road
Phone: 847.672.4893


Teresita Restaurant is just a cozy family style restaurant that we love so much we had to recommend it. We've been going here for many years thanks to friends who introduced us to it, and we're always so happy with the attentive service and the hot fresh and delicious food. We've never had a bad meal here, and we highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates friendly family style restaurants!

Address: 625 10th Street
Phone: 847.578.0218

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