Oak Forest, Illinois

Oak Forest is yet another large suburb of Chicago, with nearly thirty thousand residents calling it home. It's located in Cook County, and is the home of St Damian's Catholic Church, Oak Forest Hospital of Cook County, Chicago Gaelic Park, The George W. Dunne Golf Course adn Driving Range, and Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. If you're coming to Oak Forest this weekend, please take note of a few of our favorite bars and restaurants in the 60452 zip!


If you've never tasted frozen custard, or if you have and you're hooked, 2 Sisters Frozen Custard is the best place in the world to go get some. That famous smooth frozen custard, a much creamier and softer version of ice cream, is available in your choice of chocolate, vanilla, or twist, and you can have your choice of thirty five incredible toppings put on it! Yum! There are seasonal specialties and other great items on the menu like shakes and malts. We love the fast and friendly service and the cool atmosphere! Definitely an essential in Oak Forest!

Address: 6210 159th Street
Phone: 708.687.2027


Baba's Famous Steak & Lemonade is quite famous throughout the Chicagoland area with many locations to please the populace, but we love the Oak Forest one and feel that it's a cut above the rest. They've got the absolute best Philly cheese steak sandwiches you'll ever lay your eyes on, as well as a really incredible rib eye sandwich that we cannot get enough of. When it comes to the lemonade, you can go with the crisp classic taste or try one of their other flavors for a special summer cool down. No matter what you choose, everything here is delicious and fresh. Gotta love it.

Address: 5220 159th Street
Phone: 708.535.8500


We are big fans of Baja Burritos on 159th Street in Oak Forest. This restaurant not only has a very convenient location to hit when you're either on your way out for the evening or on your way back home, but it also serves up the freshest and most delicious burritos and other Mexican specialties that we have ever tasted. When you're craving some Mexican fast, there's no need to go to one of those not-so-good fast food places, when Baja Burritos is there to give you what's really good. Very highly recommended!

Address: 5206 159th Street
Phone: 708.535.2217


Beggars Pizza is a very popular choice in the Chicagoland area no matter which location you're talking about. As you know it's the official Pizza of 670 The Score, and there's a reason for that. They've got the freshest and most delicious pizza in town. Perfect crust just the way you like it. Sauce with just the right amount of zest and sweetness. The perfect sprinkling of cheese and toppings. And of course they are also a great option for parties and catering. Always a great choice in the Oak Forest area.

Address: 15600 Cicero Avenue
Phone: 708.535.9500


Deputy Dog is your source for the best tasting hot dogs in the Oak Forest area. We love to stop in and order a piping hot Chicago style hot dog, or any one of the other specialties on their menu. Everything is served with a smile, and we really love that friendly personalized service that's all too hard to find! The people who work here always seem to be in such a great mood, and they really put the extra effort into making sure that your meal is a good one. We highly recommend Deputy Dog in Oak Forest!

Address: 5201 167th Street


If you're a breakfast lover like we are, you'll definitely want to stop in to Diamond Pancake House. There are many excellent pancake restaurants in the Chicagoland area, but you've got to put Diamond Pancake House near the top of that list because they are much higher quality than most others! They've got the freshest and fluffiest pancakes of all the restaurants we've tried, and excellent waffles too! They always cook our bacon perfectly to order, and the eggs are always just right too. Very highly recommended!

Address: 5714 159th Street
Phone: 708.535.7045


Doug's Dogs is one of many hot dog locations in the Chicagoland area, but in our opinion it's one of the best. This is mostly because of the attention to detail on behalf of the owner and the staff. They are always working hard to provide the customers with a great experience. Very fresh ingredients including finely sliced cucumbers that really make your Chicago style hot dog so much better than the other guys! They've got both all-beef dogs and all-pork dogs, so it's your choice! Both are delicious!

Address: 6100 159th Street
Phone: 708.687.1122


Hacienda Jalapenas is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in the Oak Forest area. It's a true area tradition. We love to dine there on the weekends when they've got the band playing. Our favorite items on the menu are the Tequila Sunrise Pork Chops and the Pasta Vallarta. Also be sure to try the Chile Rellenos which are stuffed with pork, raisins, and a delicious garlic and tomato sauce. Even the Carne Asada is made with a prime ribeye steak, so once you've tried the specialties here you won't want to go anywhere else! Great service and warm ambiance too.

Address: 15426 Cicero Avenue
Phone: 708.535.9127


Jack Gibbons Gardens has been the go-to place for great steaks and seafood for as long as we can remember. It's got that retro vibe that we really love, with a very cozy feel that you aren't going to find at any of the more mordern establishments. The Chicago strip steak is the most highly recommended by most of the people who dine here, but we would also like to recommend the filet mignon with bleu cheese. Unbelievably good. The lobster, too, is really excellent. And if you're the steak and potato type, you will really love the perfectly baked potatoes. Everything here is divine!

Address: 14700 Oak Park Avenue
Phone: 708.687.2331


If you're from the Roseland area, you're familiar with Ken & Dick's, and you've probably had many of their fabulous pizzas over the years. There's nothing else quite like ordering a hot pizza pie from these guys. They really know how to make it just right. Delicious crust and sauce, and just the perfect amount of toppings and cheese. Great place to stop after a late night of bowling in Roseland! We recommend this pizzeria very highly!

Address: 15801 Central Avenue
Phone: 708.535.1212

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