Prospect Heights, Illinois

Prospect Heights is the home to many comfortable and relaxed restaurants that would easily make our top ten list of best eateries in the Chicagoland area! If you're craving hot and fresh Mexican food, you'll love Monica's. Sizzling hot Greek gyros? JK Gyros has got your number. Delicious Chinese food? How about New Canton Chop Suey? Any one of those will satisfy your appetite, and all of them can do it without breaking the bank. These are our top choices for drinks and dinner in the 60070 zip code.


If you love a cozy neighborhood bar that also happens to have a dance floor, Rocky Vanders is your place. They've got the games area with the darts and pool table, a bar and dining area, a dance floor with its own bar, and a great patio for those warm weather nights. DJs start at 10!

Address: 698 South Milwaukee Avenue
Phone: 847.459.9678


It's easy to drive right by Monica's without even noticing it, but we recommend that you stop in and give it a try. They've got great tacos, burritos, and tortas, and something that sets them apart from other Mexican restaurants in the area is the fact that they serve breakfast. Try the chilaquiles with green salsa!

Address: 636 South Milwaukee Avenue
Phone: 847.520.1070


We got to JK's Gyros for the great gyros, hot dogs, pizza, and cheese fries! They're always packed with high school students during their lunch hour, so we try to stick to the evenings, but either way they're worth the wait. If you're not a gyro fan, try the chicken pita. It's healthy and really delicious.

Address: 1215 North Elmhurst Road
Phone: 847.537.2070


The mark of a great Chinese restaurant is their egg rolls, and we're happy to say that New Canton Chop Suey has delicious ones! Their sweet and sour chicken is their specialty, and the chicken fried rice is equally delicious. The chicken egg foo young is wonderful, and so is the chicken almond ding. The prices here are a little lower than the other Chinese restaurants in the area too.

Address: 1205 North Elmhurst Road
Phone: 847.537.4880


Taqueria Los Posadas serves up great Mexican and American Tex Mex food every single day! The specialty is the shrimp soup, and if you're a fan of that flavorful little crustacean, you'll definitely want to put that on your list of things to try. It's true that good things come in small packages, because this tiny little restaurant really has some amazing dishes. Try the steak tacos! Always tasty and delicious.

Address: 1209 North Elmhurst Road
Phone: 847.541.6032


Papa John's is one of the chain pizzerias, but it's worth mentioning because they are truly one of the best. Perfectly crafted crusts, just the right amount of cheese, and a sauce that's so flavorful and zesty that you'll find yourself coming back time and time again just for that reason. Great coupons easily available via a quick Google search too!

Address: 1211 North Elmhurst Road
Phone: 847.537.7272


Dog Walk is fast food at its best! A classic American place with hot dogs, burgers, and a beef-o burger made with Italian beef! Pizza puffs, egg rolls, fish fillets, gyros, and bratwurst too. Check out that image on the front of the menu and you'll understand the name of the restaurant!

Address: 626 South Milwaukee Avenue
Phone: 847.537.9571


Mandarin Gardens is a great place to get hearty portions of delicious Chinese and Mandarin food. The beef fried rice is our absolute favorite item on the menu. Great service, cozy surroundings, and a very extensive menu. This is the perfect place when you're craving those old standards like chop suey or chow mein.

Address: 658 South Milwaukee Avenue
Phone: 847.419.1188


Deli 4 You is a wonderful deli with homemade sausage, salads, meats, smoked salmon, pickles, and much more. It's a little tough navigating this one if you don't speak Polish though, so take our advice on that front and make sure that someone in your party does! The rotisserie chicken is truly delicious.

Address: 9 East Camp McDonald Road
Phone: 847.398.3838


How could we not include the local Denny's on this list of places to dine in Prospect Heights? Open 24 hours with all your favorites like the Grand Slam breakfast, Moons Over My Hammy, T-Bone Steak and Eggs, Skillets, Scrambles, and so much more. Of course the menu here is hardly limited to just breakfast! Stop in any time day or night and check it out for yourself!

Address: 604 South Milwaukee Avenue
Phone: 847.537.3360

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