Richmond, Illinois

Richmond is village located just south of Wisconsin, and is only about 50 miles north of downtown Chicago. It's home to a lot of very classic architecture from the residential to the commercial buildings, and has tons of restaurants for you to enjoy. Its known as the village of yesteryear due to its very classic style. It's located in McHenry County, and has a zip code of 60071.

Paisano's on Broadway

When you need to stop in Richmond for some classy food, Paisano's is the way to go. It offers you high quality artisan Italian cuisine that's perfect for a small gathering of friends for a romantic gathering. The decor and the atmosphere are extremely classy and upscale, but the attire is still rather casual. The food is expertly prepared as well, and presented beautifully to you by professional wait staff.

Address: 5614 Broadway Richmond, IL 60071
Phone: (815) 678-4500

Doyle's Irish Pub & Eatery

Doyal's is your friendly neighborhood Irish pub and eatery. It's a local favorite and a great spot to take your family and enjoy a full meal of delicious food consisting of burgers wings, and other dine foods. Or you can take a quiet sit at the bar, and enjoy its assortment of craft beers as well as stronger drinks as you share stories with the other locals.

Address: 5604 Mill St Richmond, IL 60071
Phone: (815) 678-3623

The Cubby Hole

The Cubby Hole is a small town dinner with an extremely cozy and a friendly feel. It's a quiet little diner that only takes cash, so be prepared for that. The food here is exceptionally good and you get all the favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The service is also perfect, you get seated and served quickly. It's a local favorite for many of the people around there, especially for breakfast.

Address: 10713 N Main St Richmond, IL 60071
Phone: (815) 678-4624

Olive Black Martini and Wine Lounge

Olive Black is a very trendy lounge located in Richmond that shows class in the high quality appetizers it serves, that's presented with elegance. The bartenders are experts in making you a world class drink for any occasion and any mood. They're sure to make you martini that you will enjoy. The place's decor also shows high class, so that you always get a very sophisticated vibe for your entire stay. Furthermore, Olive Black holds an excellent wine selection if Martinis are not your thing.

Address: 5607 Broadway Richmond, IL 60071
Phone: (815) 678-7370

Reds Steak & BBQ

If you're looking for a great Friday fish fry, as well as a place that will serve you amazing BBQ and Steak, Red's is definitely the place for you. It offers consistently good service and food for extremely low prices. Its another local favorite for steak and bbq owners and a great place to visit on Fridays for the fish fry. You can also take advantage of its extensive beer menu as well as the other harder liquors. Your entire group will be well taken care of for the entire night.

Address: 11011 N Rt 12 Richmond, IL 60071
Phone: (815) 678-4637

Dilar Restaurant

Dilar is a very nice restaurant that has a very old timey feel. It's almost like coming to someone's house for dinner. The food quality is also like you're having a home cooked meal. You have a great opportunity to meat the lovely owners and the exception staff when you come here as well. It's your best opportunity to enjoy a meal that's home cooked, without having to wash any dishes!

Address: 8704 Ill Richmond, IL 60071
Phone: (815) 678-7791

Sweet Angeline's

Sweet Angeline's is more than just a great and amazing bakery. It's a cafe restaurant that offers high quality food for extremely affordable rates. You get a highly unique array of sandwiches that are all the quality of homemade, made with fresh bread, since this is a bakery after all. There are also plenty of unique and delicious treats available for you through the bakery, making this a great breakfast spot.

Address: 5626 Broadway St Richmond, IL 60071
Phone: (815) 862-1081

Heuer's Restaurant & Lounge

Heuer's is the perfect dinner spot for a very nice home cooked meal of all your traditional American favorite dishes, as well as a perfect drink spot to get a good strong cocktails and other drinks. The place also offers live music performances of great local bands, including live blues concerts on Sundays at noon. It's a great place to meet new friends as you enjoy the music and a few cold ones, or take to the dance floor as well. A very friendly and fun family owned restaurant.

Address:11011 US Highway 12 Richmond, IL 60071
Phone: (815) 678-4637

Halftime Pizza & Ribs

With a name like Halftime, it's no surprise that this is a sports bar that's especially fun when you come here during football games. They always offer discounts and specials during that time. Furthermore, Halftime provides you with a wide array of delicious pizza and cheese sticks that they are well known for as well as classic ribs and other meats. It's a local favorite sports bar so any night of the week you'll see this place packed with fellow sports fans, whatever might be on.

Address: 9910 N Main St Richmond, IL 60071
Phone: (815) 678-4222

American Cafe

American Cafe is a prime location to get excellent American cuisine. It's especially well known for serving excellent breakfast and brunch. You can't go wrong with ordering an omelet or the pancakes from this place. If you're a hearty eater, then this is the place for you, since you get massive portions. The service is overall, great, your server is trained to be attentive and ready to serve you.

Address: 11302 US Hwy 12 Richmond, IL 60071
Phone: (815) 678-2500

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