West Chicago, Illinois

If you're coming from out of town, you may think that West Chicago is just the western side of the city of Chicago. In truth it's its very own city, located in DuPage County. (There is also a city named East Chicago, but it is located in nearby Indiana.) The number of residents in West Chicago numbers just over 20,000, and the city is best known for its DuPage Airport, Kline Creek Farm, and West Chicago City Museum. If you're coming into the 60185 and 60186 area, these are the best places to grab a bite to eat and enjoy some cocktails.


Everybody in the West Chicago area knows Pal Joey's, the classic restaurant and lounge that has been serving happy customers since 1973. They have changed owners once about ten years ago, but the new owner made sure to keep everything the same as it once was, adding only some lunch and dinner specials to save diners a few bucks and give you more choices. They began catering in 2003, and they are also available for rental on Saturdays and Sundays without a room charge. On special request they'll even open up the back room for parties of twenty to sixty people on the weekdays. Pal Joey's is a West Chicago staple!

Address: 440 East Roosevelt Road #120
Phone: 630.231.9393


Boondocks is a barbecue restaurant, and everything is done perfectly to order! There's nothing pretentious about this restaurant, with its basic decor and focus on the food. The staff is always friendly, and it's a great place to have business lunches too. Did we mention they have a full bar? Wonderful place to go for birthdays, with their mouthwatering ribs and delicious fish. There's something for everybody right here on the barbecue grill at Boondocks!

Address: 1200 West Hawthorne Lane
Phone: 630.231.6262


Augustino's has come a long way since it first opened as a family run grocery store more than thirty years ago. Now it's a rock and roll deli with full breakfast and lunch menus! You may order one of their signature subs, or just throw your own combination together with the choices from the menu. There are great sandwiches too, including a great eggplant parmesan that will blow your mind. There are wraps, entrees, pizza, pasta, and salads. Don't forget the soups, sides, and kids menu. There are so many items to choose from!

Address: 300 West North Avenue
Phone: 630.293.8602


If you love eating the freshest and fluffiest pancakes in an old country setting, you will love Olde North Pancake House. Their hours are short and a little unpredictable, so make sure to call first (the phone number is below) before you go. We would highly recommend the caramel coffee and of course the pancakes! There is an ATM, but no credit or debit cards are actually accepted at the restaurant, so you may just want to make sure you bring cash to avoid the ATM fees. Delicious food and great service!

Address: 27751 North Avenue
Phone: 630.293.4774


Hawthorne's Backyard has authentic barbecue favorites like ribs and pot roast sandwiches! So delicious. They've got an outdoor patio that you'll enjoy when it's warm outside, and it combines the comfort of a family restaurant with the fun vibe of a sports bar! To keep you entertained, they have dancing, TV, karaoke, a pool table, a game room, and wifi. So many things to do in between delicious bites!

Address: 1200 West Hawthorne Lane
Phone: 630.293.6700


What a great corner Mexican restaurant! The enchiladas and fajitas are the best if you ask us, but they've also got really great steak, chicken, and fish. There are many great options for vegetarians too. If you'd like a fresh and delicious margarita with your meal, you'll be happy to know that they've got a full bar and are always ready for your requests. Though they've only been around since 2009, they are already gaining a reputation as one of the best Mexican restaurants in town.

Address: 205 Main Street
Phone: 630.293.1101


We've talked about a lot of excellent Italian restaurants in and around Chicago, but this one really stands on its own. The lasagna is some of the best we have ever tasted, and their salads and appetizers make a great beginning to your meal. Don't forget about their ribs and chicken too. Everything here is cooked just right to bring all the flavors out. They've got a great big pizza for up to twenty people and it only requires an hour's notice! You may want to check this out for your party bus trip with us!

Address: 256 County Farm Road
Phone: 630.562.2222


Old Town Pub & Eatery is a wonderfully cozy neighborhood pub where you can kick back and enjoy some good conversation, drink a pint or two, and eat some of the best Irish pub fare that you've ever tasted. This ones actually located in Geneva but it gets an honorable mention because we alway have such a great time there! Worth the short drive and then some! Opt for the drink specials to save a few bucks!

Address: 201 West State Street (in Geneva, IL)
Phone: 630.232.7962


We love Dominick's Cucina Pizzeria & Restaurant for the classic atmosphere, great food, and wonderful service. Every time a customer walks through the door they are greeted with a smile and ushered to the best available table. There's nothing better than the simple pleasure of pizza, breadsticks, and beer! We highly recommend the bolo bread. Everything they serve here is superb.

Address: 207 Main Street
Phone: 630.293.0725


Cater Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant is a restaurant in a million. Their meals are pure comfort food, including whole lamb roasts and deliciously crisp salads. It's a family run business, and their friendly approach to running their restaurant really makes all the difference. You may not think to order pizza at a Mediterranean restaurant, but it's fantastic here. Give it a try.

Address: 2009 Franciscan Way
Phone: 630.876.9600

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