Wheaton, Illinois

Wheaton is one of the richer communities in the Chicago area, with a mostly affluent population of about fifty five thousand people. Some of the attractions that may pull you into Wheaton are Cosley Zoo (free admission!), in business since 1974... Rice Pool and Water Park with its three legendary slides... Arrowhead Golf Club which was originally built in 1927... or Lincoln Marsh with all its wildlife and its famous ropes course. Perhaps you're coming to see a concert at DuPage County Fairgrounds. Or maybe for a little shopping at The Town Square Shopping Center, an open air outdoor mall. No matter what you're coming to Wheaton for, these are our favorite restaurants that are in or near the Wheaton zip codes of 60187 and 60189.


You'll recognize Bank Restaurant & Bar by the familiar black awning that stretches across the sidewalk in front of the building. It opened in 2007, but the vibe is classic and retro. The food that is served inside is seafood, steaks, and American contemporary. It's very romantic here, and perfect for anniversaries or dates with that someone special. We love the pot roast and the Argentinian flank steak. They're always adding new things to the menu so there's always something different to try. Just a wonderful place to eat lunch or dinner, or to go for a few drinks any night of the week.

Address: 123 West Front Street
Phone: 630.665.2265


Adelle's is proof that you don't have to win the lottery to dine at a really nice restaurant. Some of the finer restaurants in town will cause you to break the bank, but not Adelle's! The prices are very moderate and the quality of the food is beyond excellent! We really love the outdoor dining area, and the wine list is extensive and worth mentioning. The ambiance is very romantic and classic.

Address: 1060 College Avenue
Phone: 630.784.8015


Suzette's Creperie... Crepes Suzette... It's a cute play on words, and that casual jest gives you a hint at how this French restaurant approaches their work. No pretense, just a comfortable restaurant with delicious food! Now that's what we're talking about. It's tough to find a French restaurant that's not uber-fancy and very expensive. This place is charming, described as casual elegant, and they have lots of special events from weekend brunch to Christmas tea. A very nice place to take friends or family who are visiting from out of town.

Address: 211 West Front Street
Phone: 630.462.0898


The Blarney Burger is Muldoon's signature dish, and we love it! This Irish pub and restaurant does everything just right, from the authentic pub atmosphere to the perfectly cooked corned beef and cabbage. Some say the prices are a little high, but it really depends heavily on what you order. The friendly staff make it all worthwhile, since you feel so welcome and want to return again and again. Great ambiance, great food, great service. What more can we say about Muldoon's? If you love a great Irish bar, you'll love this one!

Address: 133 West Front Street
Phone: 630.668.8866


It's wonderful to dine outdoors at Cozymel's Mexican Grill in the warm spring and summer months. On the surface it seems like just another Mexican restaurant, but the food is what makes the biggest difference. They sometimes have live mariachi bands providing the soundtrack to your evening. And they're very popular for special occasions like Mother's Day or just for weekend brunch.

Address: 311 East Loop Road
Phone: 630.871.1030


Just what is it about the Egglectic Cafe that keeps us coming back for more. Is it the quirky name? Nope, but that's cute. Is it the great decor and ambiance? Nope again, but that's a plus too! So what is it? It's definitely the strictly home cooked food! You can get breakfast and lunch all day long here, from omelettes to salads, from French toast to sandwiches. Everything is cooked fresh and to order!

Address: 145 North Hale Street
Phone: 630.690.9001


We love Genghis Grill. The exterior of the building is so cool and memorable, and the inside is too! Why? Because it's one of those build-your-own-stirfry joints! Like Mongolian BBQ. You can take your pick from the freshest veggies and pastas, and from the widest array of meat and fish (and tofu too!), plus sauces and spices. Then they throw it all on the grill for you. It's up to your tastebuds to determine whether or not you are a master stir fry chef! Very fun place to go with a big group of your friends.

Address: 106 North Hale Street
Phone: 630.665.3600


This corner restaurant just happens to be our favorite Italian restaurant in town. Perhaps even the best in the entire Chicagoland area. It's both family friendly and romantic for dates, and the waitstaff treats you like royalty. You can't go wrong with any of their salads, chicken, pasta, seafood, or pizza. It's all flawless. If you're in a rush, this is not the place for you, because you'll want to linger over your meal and savor every bite.

Address: 100 North Hale Street
Phone: 630.682.5900


Domo 77 Steakhouse. These guys are the pros in town at serving up the very best steak and seafood. A beautiful exterior greets you as you pull up in our party bus, and the interior is a continuation of that wonderful authentic Japanese theme. If you love sushi, you will want to try their sushi bar. Everything is very fresh and tasty. Very comfortable place to dine, and great for families or for that romantic evening on the town.

Address: 2040 South Naperville Road
Phone: 630.690.3277


It's true that the previous restaurant on this list serves sushi, but Sushi Mono is really a cut above the rest. The decor is the first thing you'll notice, with lots of natural light, books, and flowers. The prices for sushi are extremely reasonable, particularly when you consider the high quality of the fish they serve you. The rolls are done perfectly, shaped just right and with just the right amount of filling. You can go with something simple like a couple of tuna rolls, or order something more exotic if you're in the mood to try something new! Everything on the menu is truly delicious.

Address: 230 West Front Street
Phone: 630.752.0102

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