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Chicago Concerts

Chicago is famous for its awesome concert venues that make for a pretty amazing and epic night of fun and excitement, listening your favorite bands. The venues are big, and small, and you see a wide variety of music be played, from the newer stuff you hear on the radio, to all the classics, and even some more indie stuff. Whether its a stadium, a concert hall, or just a stage, Chicago has a venue for everyone, and we have a party bus for every one of them, and everyone in your group to enjoy the entire experience.

A party bus is the way to travel

With our awesome bus features, safe buses, and skilled drivers, there really is no better way to enjoy the concert of the summer. You can enjoy an amazing party bus experience for the fairest and best prices in the entire metro area. Our buses come standard equipped with features such as an incredible, booming sound system so that you can blast the artist's music the entire way there and back, as you enjoy drinks at the bus's multiple built in bars, and dance on the wooden floors. You won't be stuck in traffic, you'll be enjoying yourselves the entire way there. And when you do get there, you don't even have to worry about parking, we set you off, and take care of everything. All you have to do is enjoy yourselves and the concert. Then, enjoy winding down in the comfort of our buses.

We hit all the great venues

No matter the size of the concert, or the popularity of the band, Chicago has a venue that's perfect for it. And we have the perfect bus to get you there, wherever the venue might be. We're a country that loves its music, and the city attracts some of the biggest names in the music industry, and Lollapalooza in Grant Park alone, is home to one of the biggest music conventions in the country. Other venues include Congress Theater, Metro, Riviera Theatre, Lincoln Hall, Grant Park, and so much more, including the sports stadiums! Rest assured that with us, you will get there in style and comfort.

Book with us for the best!

No other company gives you as many deluxe features as we do, for so little cost. When you book with us you won't be charged any hidden fees or anything extra. You get exactly what you payed for, and not a cent more. We make sure that all our buses are safe an reliable, as well as clean, before you even get in them. That's a guarantee.

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