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Chicago Parades and Festivals

Chicago is a celebratory city with a fantastic attitude, and this is one of the reasons why you'll find great things to do throughout the entire year when it comes to parades and festivals. There's always something to celebrate here, whether it's the cities history, sports teams, or the diverse cultures that find themselves living here. You can't find a better city with friendlier people to celebrate with, so be sure to attend one of the amazing parades or festivals that happen here throughout the year. You're sure to experience Chicago just as it's meant to be enjoyed, with a crowd of passionate residents!

There's a festival for everybody here!

There are so many different events that happen on the streets of Chicago throughout the year, that you might find it hard to figure out which one to attend! Some of the popular parades and festivals include Chicago WinterDance, Creative Chicago Expo, Chicago's Birthday Celebration, Kids and Kites Festival, Chicago's Memorial Day Parade, Chicago Blues Festival, Chicago Bike Week, Millenium Art Festival, New Orleans Festival, RibFest Chicago, Chicago Craft Beer Festival, Chinatown Summer Fair, Taste of Greektown, Lakeview Taco Fest, and so much more! With all of these selections, and nearly 400 neighbourhood festivals going on throughout the year, it certainly won't be hard to find something that fits your interests!

Use a party bus for your next festival experience!

You certainly can't go wrong with a party bus as your mode of transportation when it comes to parades and festivals. There is heavy traffic during these events, as well as road closures, which can certainly make travel trickier than it should be. Plus, you'll want to enjoy food and drink at the event without worrying about who will be the designated driver, and with a party bus, that's all taken care of. You'll have shelter if weather gets bad, premiere amenities to take part in, and somewhere to sit down and relax after walking through the streets of Chicago all day long!

Our buses have amazing amenities.

You won't find a better fleet of party buses in Chicago! Party Bus Chicago is known to provide the best transportation in our premiere party buses. They come with ice filled bar areas, newly installed hardwood flooring, dancing poles, professional leather couches, powerhouse sound system with cables, HDTVs with DVD players, tinted windows, hardwood dancing floors, and more. With all of these features, you're sure to have a transportation experience that rivals any other. We make sure our buses are in top condition before sending them out to you, so you're always left with a transportation experience to remember. Our party buses are easy to rent, as they're only a phone call away! Let our booking agents know which vehicle you want to use for your Chicago parade and festival experience, and your reservation can be set up within a matter of minutes. We certainly look forward to providing you with luxury transportation in our fantastic fleet of party buses.

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