Alden, Illinois

Alden is one of the smallest cities in the Chicago area, with just over fifteen hundred residents! It is located in McHenry County, and covers just over 30 square miles of land. It's a popular destination for the Woodstock Farmers Market which runs May through October. There are virtually no restaurants or bars in the city of Alden, so most of the establishments listed on this page are in nearby Harvard, Hampshire, and Hebron!


We've loved Old Starks Tavern for a very long time and we're sure it will remain at the top of our list for a very long time to come! This relaxed tavern has a vibe that is unrivaled by any other. The drinks are good and strong and the prices are good and low! The waitstaff and bartenders are always supremely friendly and very helpful. It's always a good time when we come here.

Address: 43W478 Il Route 72, Hampshire, IL
Phone: 847.683.0014


My Brothers Bar is one of those relaxed neighborhood bars that you can just stop in to anytime and know that you're going to have a great time. It's located in Hebron. We've never seen any fights here, just friendly crowds and good times. The music is always good and the drinks are good and strong! If you're looking for a cheap stiff drink, this is your place!

Address: 9932 Main St, Hebron, IL
Phone: 815.648.4424


Champion Pizza has some of the very best pizza in Hebron. The crust is so tasty, the sauce is just zesty enough, and the amount of cheese and toppings is just perfect so you get that great mix of flavors. There's a reason that everybody in Hebron calls this their favorite pizzeria! The food is good and cheap and it really fills you up. Great service too!

Address: 9910 Main St, Hebron, IL
Phone: 815.648.2725


Red's Tavern & Pizzeria has been serving the Harvard area for quite some time now, and we really adore this place. The ambiance is rustic and relaxed, and the crowds that frequent it are always friendly and fun loving. The drink prices are low and yet they're good stiff drinks, and they've got an impressive selection of beers on tap. The pizza of course is superb!

Address: 19620 Il Route 173, Harvard, IL
Phone: 815.943.4951


Rosati's Pizza is yet another of our favorite pizza joints in Harvard. When you're in the Alden area, it's just a quick jaunt over for a hot and delicious pizza! This is one of those places that gets the crust to sauce to cheese to toppings ratios just right, and that's why we come back time after time for their wonderful food. It's not just the pizza either... everything they offer here is truly top notch. Highly recommended!

Address: 360 South Division St #4, Harvard, IL
Phone: PHONE


Kelly's Restaurant is a great family friendly restaurant that specializes in American cuisine at its very best. The breakfasts are always hot and delicious and it's definitely a lot less difficult to pull yourself out of bed in the morning when you know you're going to enjoy some delicious eggs at Kelly's! The lunches and dinners are equally delicious, and the service is always top notch.

Address: 5420 S US Highway 14 # B, Harvard, IL
Phone: 815.943.7558


Angelo's Pizza & Restaurant is your best bet for fabulous Italian food and pizza in the Harvard area! Or at least one of your best bets! There are so many great pizzerias around here. One of the reasons that we keep choosing Angelo's is because of the great atmosphere and wonderful service. Everything is always served piping hot and fresh. We just love it here!

Address: 73 North Ayer Street, Harvard, IL
Phone: 815.943.6458


Rumors Bar & Grill is just one of those relaxed neighborhood bars that you can rely on for a good stiff (and cheap!) drink. It makes a great stop after work, or on the weekends to relax with your buddies. The music is always lively and fun, and the service is some of the best we've ever encountered at one of these types of bars. Very cool place to just kick back and relax.

Address: 10521 Il Route 47, Hebron, IL
Phone: 815.648.2453


The reason that we love Bopp's Tavern is because they offer such great food! Very few bars offer this level of delicious food. Everything that's on the menu is served piping hot and delicious. The staff and bartenders are always super friendly and they're happy to help you find exactly the right thing to suit your mood. Excellent atmosphere, and always a good time!

Address: 103 East Front Street, Harvard, IL
Phone: 815.943.7033


We really love the Bake House Restaurant in Hebron. They've got a wide array of home cooked specialties on the menu, including great salads, sandwiches, entrees, and so much more. The waitstaff is very friendly, and the atmosphere is clean and comfortable. It's a very family friendly establishment and we always have a good time here!

Address: 12020 Maple Avenue, Hebron, IL
Phone: 815.648.4005

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