Lansing, Illinois

Lansing, Illinois, is one of the larger suburbs of Chicago with just under thirty thousand people living there at last count. It's located in Cook County and is perhaps best known as the home of Harry Smith, co-anchor of The Early Show and the host of Biography. Ellen L. Fogle, best known as a writer of SNL and as executive producer of Married With Children, also hails from Lansing. Are you also from Lansing, or are you just headed into the area this weekend for some great food and drink? These are our top choices for great bars and restaurants in the 60438 zip code! If you happen to be looking for a party bus in the capital of Michigan try Lansing Limo Bus or Lansing Limousine.


Beggars can't be choosers, but when you choose Beggars Pizza, you are definitely choosing a winner! This is the official pizza of 670 The Score, and we love it too. They've got all the freshest ingredients and most flavorful toppings, and best of all very friendly and fast service. There are always specials going on to help you save a few bucks when dining here. If you're trying to choose a place to cater your latest private party, they've got some great prices for catering, so check them out. We love Beggars Pizza and we know you will too!

Address: 3524 Ridge Road
Phone: 708.418.3500


Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop has been in business in Lansing since 2002, the menu takes you on a ride through all the best Southern taste experiences. The interesting thing is that the owners are not originally from the south, so they actually had to put in a lot of work and research to create such an incredible and authentic presentation of tastes. The restaurant is designed to look and feel like a bait shop, which only adds to the authenticity and unique feeling of the restaurant. This one gets rave reviews, and we highly recommend it!

Address: 2352 172nd Street
Phone: 708.474.1378


Popolano's means "Popular of the People," and that is definitely true of this restaurant! It's been voted the very best restaurant in Porter County, and we really adore it. Known to many of the regulars as simply "Popos," this family owned establishment serves up breads, sauces, soups, salads, steaks... everything you could ever want, and it's all made from scratch. The ambiance is wonderfully romantic so it's perfect for those special dates. Fabulous pizza too! Very highly recommended!

Address: 17940 Torrence Avenue
Phone: 708.474.0425


Hooters always gets our recommendation because not only is it a fun place for guys to get together and enjoy some great wings served by some gorgeous women, but it's also very unique and kind of kitschy. Retro babes in short white tees and tight orange shorts, memorabilia for sale, and of course all those amazing wings and other entrees. The food is often overlooked when people talk about Hooters, but it really is very good, and so are the drinks. Take a vacation from the ordinary and give this one a try for lunch tomorrow.

Address: 17060 Torrence Avenue
Phone: 708.889.0446


Waldo Cooney's Pizza has been going strong since 1981, serving piping hot pizza pies to the Lansing area and satisfying the residents' appetites! They've got fabulous appetizers that go great with any one of their pizzas, and they've also got some really unbelievable Buffalo wings. We recommend joining their email club because you'll get lots of coupons to save a few bucks, plus you'll also have the chance to win a free pizza each month. Great place, friendly staff, and an all around fun time!

Address: 3622 Ridge Road
Phone: 708.895.0004


Can you believe that you can get an incredibly tasty lunch buffet for just six bucks here in Lansing? It's at Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant, and it is delicious! They've got an incredible Governor's Chicken that we really love, as well as great Beef Teriyaki and some truly flavorful egg rolls. They've got an appetizer combo for just over ten bucks and you really get an outstanding amount of food for that price. Good stuff!

Address: 3307 Ridge Road
Phone: 708.895.8292


Bench Warmers is a fun little bar that's open until 2:00 AM Sunday thru Thursday and until 3:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. The menu consists of American favorites, and they're open for both lunch and dinner. You can get a great meal and stick around for some good stiff drinks and enjoy it all without having to spend an arm and a leg. The service is outstanding and very fast for being a low key neighborhood bar like this. Great place to relax with friends or just have a few drinks to forget about the hard day you just had!

Address: 3325 Ridge Road


Kilroy's Pub is a tradition in Lansing. It's been there for as long as we can remember, and it's the essential neighborhood bar. This is the place where you'll run into all your old friends and reminisce. You will enjoy the low drink prices, the friendly staff, and the great jukebox. They've got Guitar Hero tournaments too! A great chance to show off your skills and impress those old friends from high school that you're bound to run into anyway. Very fun place to chill.

Address: 3502 Ridge Road
Phone: 708.895.5233


Bierk's Bukes Place makes either a great tongue twister (say it three times fast for a laugh!) or an awesome bar. We vote for the latter. The drink prices are cheap and the atmosphere is relaxed and cool. We love the outdoor beer garden. If you like something physical to do in between beers, you'll love the pool table and dart boards. Did we mention that the beers on tap are under a buck? Enough said. Vierk's Bukes Place is a clear winner in our book!

Address: 18052 Torrence Avenue
Phone: 708.895.9876


How could we not recommend IHOP? International House of Pancakes is a longstanding tradition just about everywhere, and with their breakfast favorites all day long, how can you go wrong? We love their fresh pancakes, their delicious waffles, and especially their seasonal specials that will really make your mouth water. At the time of this writing they've got their Fall Flavors specials active, and how can you resist that? So good! Great place to stop after a late night for a hearty breakfast.

Address: 16851 Torrence Avenue
Phone: 708.474.2240

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