Oak Lawn, Illinois

Oak Lawn, Illinois, is one of the larger suburbs of Chicago. There are over fifty thousand people living here, and there is so much work going into renovating the downtown area and bringing back the natural splendor of Oak Lawn's beautiful parks. After many years of little to no development in the downtown area, there are now new businesses springing up all over the place. The train station is being revitalized and modernized, and there is a very popular retail space downtown that includes a Starbucks location, restaurant, video store, and bank. Condos are being put up as we speak, and lots of parking garages to accommodate the new influx of people. If you're one of those people who are coming into the area to see what's new, why not try one of these restaurants that are so nearby to the 60456,60457, 60458, and 60459 zip codes?


We love to go to Fox's Oak Lawn Restaurant when we're in the Oak Lawn area, because they've got delicious pizza, pasta, and other Italian specialties. We are absolutely hooked on their thin crust pizza. They put a generous amount of toppings on it, and the flavor of the sauce is at that perfect spot between sweetness and heat. If you want something a little more upscale, the filet mignon is always delicious. Great place to gather with friends and family for a really delicious meal!

Address: 9240 South Cicero Avenue
Phone: 708.572.0433


More than just a typical restaurant and lounge, Niko's hosts special entertainment events now, from singles dances to live music. The atmosphere is really sophisticated and very relaxing. If you're coming in for a great meal, you can't go wrong with any of the steaks. The filet mignon is pure perfection on a plate! The lounge side is actually called Illusions and we like to go on Thursdays for karaoke and beer pong. This is a great place to rent for wedding receptions too, and that of course works nicely in conjunction with renting a party bus from Party Bus Chicago.

Address: 7600 South Harlem Avenue
Phone: 708.496.0300


There's something deliciously retro about Petey's Bungalow that we absolutely love. You'll feel like you've stepped back in time when you walk through the door. They've got fine food here including seafood and steaks, and great drinks from martinis to scotch on the rocks. Everything here is cooked perfectly, and the service is great. That also gives you the feeling that you've stepped into a time warp, back to the days when servers really cared if you enjoyed your meal! We just love everything about Petey's. Can't recommend it highly enough!

Address: 4401 West 95th Street
Phone: 708.424.8210


Note the clever spelling of "sushi time" for the name of the restaurant--"Sushi Thaime" with both Sushi and Thai in the title! This cozy little jewel of the Orient combines the flavors of Japan and Thailand to bring you a truly unique taste sensation. They also have delicious Chinese dishes. We would recommend the Unagi from the sushi menu, and of course you can't go wrong with the pad thai. Combining every possible taste of Asia, Sushi Thaime is a casual and comfortable place that we definitely think you'll enjoy, and it's great for groups too!

Address: 4959 West 95th Street
Phone: 708.425.8228


Palermo's 95th Pizza & Restaurant is located (surprise surprise!) on 95th Street, and it's one of our favorite places to stop in for a piping hot pizza. The thin crust pizza with Italian sausage as a topping is divine. The atmosphere is very family friendly yet it's romantic enough for a low key date. The sauce has a sweet flavor that we simply cannot resist.

Address: 4849 West 95th Street
Phone: 708.425.6262


Jedi's Garden on South Cicero Avenue has been newly remodeled and it's even more pleasant to dine at than it used to be, if that's possible! The waitstaff is as friendly as ever, and they've got delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners every day. We love grabbing an omelette for breakfast here, and their salads are always crisp and fresh for lunch or dinner. Comfortable atmosphere, great ambiance, and happy customers. This one definitely gets a thumbs up from us.

Address: 9266 South Cicero Avenue
Phone: 708.499.4545


Senese's is not just a place to grab a great bite to eat, it's also a comedy club! The comedians who perform here are usually in the zone, bringing the laughs and adding more enjoyment to your night. They've got a wide variety of American favorites like burgers, barbecue, chicken, seafood, steak, and pizza. Great sandwiches too! The Barrel is actually the longest running comedy show in Chicago, having been going strong since 1977!

Address: 10345 Central Avenue
Phone: 708.499.2969


Papa Joe's is another excellent Italian restaurant in Oak Park. Delicious pizzas made with the perfect hand tossed crusts and sauce with just the right zest! We really enjoy the half price pizza special on Monday, that helps you to go easy on your wallet! The catering is excellent for parties, and the ribs and lasagna are the best kept secrets on the menu! Just trust us, you've got to try them to believe how good they are! Delicious! Nice waitstaff and delivery too!

Address: 10745 South Cicero Avenue
Phone: 708.636.5030


Hooters is always a great place to unwind after a long day at work. Bring your buddies along with you for some wings and to enjoy the view, if you know what we mean! Gorgeous women in those famous orange shorts and a tight white Hooters T-shirt... What more could you ask for? The babes get all the attention, but the menu is full of delicious choices that really should get more credit than they do. Pick up your souvenir calendars and other merchandise while you're there too. Lots of fun.

Address: 9159 South Cicero Avenue
Phone: 708.423.4668


We had to include Huck Finn Restaurant on our list of the best places to dine in Oak Lawn, because we love their traditional American fare, their casual atmosphere, and the friendly staff. No matter what time of day you come in, you are always greeted with a smile. Many people stop in just for their donuts because they are so good! But there's much more to Huck Finn's than just donuts... as a matter of fact, their concept revolves around the idea of being a restaurant, donut shop, and ice cream parlor all in one. Gotta love that! Open 24 hours.

Address: 10501 South Cicero Avenue
Phone: 708.499.1112

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