Burbank, Illinois

One of the more moderately sized suburbs of Chicago is Burbank, situated in Cook County, and claiming a total of just under 30,000 residents. It's a quick drive from the Chicago Midway International Airport--just two miles south. There's not much to see in town beyond residential areas and schools, so if you're headed to Burbank, you're probably visiting friends or just going to dine and drink at some of the restaurants that are near the 60459 zip code. Here are our favorite picks!


Mexican food, Cajun favorites, and BBQ specialties, all in one place? You bet'cha. Nobody does it like Chuck's Southern Comfort Cafe. The interior of this restaurant is very nice and modern with a distinct Southern flavor, just like the food! If we were giving out awards for best service, Chuck's would earn that title, because the waitstaff really goes out of their way to take care of you during your visit. There's a full bar too. We love every single item on the menu here, and recommend every bit of it highly!

Address: 5557 West 79th Street
Phone: 708.229.8700


Mabenka is a Polish and Czech restaurant, which is a great combination if you ask us. It's really great for families, and since you get such huge portions at such a low price, you really save a pretty penny too. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they have a full bar so you can enjoy your favorite drinks with your meal. Stuffed cabbage and kielbasa are two of our favorites here, but you really can't make a wrong choice when it comes to their menu. Everything is fantastic and home cooked!

Address: 7844 South Cicero Avenue
Phone: 708.423.7679


Nick's Barbecue can be proud of the fact that they have some of the very best ribs in the Chicago area! That's what they're known for, but everything here is good, from the chili to the tacos, and from the eggs to the sausage! If you're trying to eat a little lighter, you can opt for one of their delicious salads and you'll still feel like you're treating yourself to a gourmet meal. Everything here is perfectly cooked and really mouthwatering. Highly recommended.

Address: 6945 West 79th Street
Phone: 708.233.7427


Mattson's is a fabulous steakhouse where you can enjoy great cuts of beef, tasty seafood, and the freshest and most delicious sides. Many steakhouses in the area are on the expensive side and are also a bit pretentious, but not Mattson's. Low prices, great low key atmosphere, and just really good steaks! If you want a five star restaurant, this will be a little too relaxed for you. But if you're looking for a place where you can enjoy delicious steaks and seafood without paying a fortune and without getting too dressed up, this will be a big hit with you.

Address: 8150 South Cicero Avenue
Phone: 708.424.5884


It's tough to find the freshest Mexican food, but you don't have to look any further because we've found it at Los Comales! Many will tell you that this is the most authentic Mexican food you'll find in the Chicagcoland area. The food is really to die for... just the freshest and most perfectly prepared Mexican food we have ever tasted. We highly recommend the menudo, the chilaquiles verdes with chicken, and the desayuno los comales. All freshly prepared and fantastic!

Address: 7812 South Cicero Avenue
Phone: 708.499.6465


Delicious Mexican food is yours to be had at Jalisco Restaurant! They've got great nachos and burritos, both very flavorful and seasoned just right. One of the perks of eating here is that they also have those glass bottles of Coke (and sometimes Pepsi) from Mexico! It's true that it's easy to overlook this one since it's hidden in a strip mall, but the food is top notch and the service is surprisingly great. The waitstaff is very friendly and always happy to accommodate our requests for extra jalapenos or extra hot sauce. Fun place to eat with friends!

Address: 6547 West 79th Street
Phone: 708.430.7903


This is a great one for catering or dining in. If you think KFC or Popeye's are the best when it comes to fried chicken and all the trimmings, you've got to give Brown's Chicken & Pasta a try. Beyond the standard fried chicken, they also have delicious Chicago style sandwiches made with sausage or beef. There's a wide range of pasta, including macaroni and cheese, fire roasted tomato pesto, and creamy parmesan alfredo. Love seafood? Try the battered cod, breaded catfish, or golden butterfly shrimp! We also love the golden mushrooms and jumbo buffalo wings. And don't forget all those wonderful sides!

Address: 8300 South Cicero Avenue
Phone: 708.425.8070


If you love fried fish, you have to try Frank's Chicago Shrimp House. They've got the best fried shrimp you'll ever have, and that's only their main specialty--there is so much more here to enjoy. Delicious fish that's served piping hot and completely fresh. They take their fish and shrimp seriously at Frank's, and you get to reap all the benefits of that! Grab some carryout to take on the party bus, or just go on in and chow down.

Address: 6539 West 79th Street
Phone: 708.233.9844


Hands down, China Chef is one of the best places in town to stop for lunch! Focus on the lunch specials rather than the rest of the menu if you want to save a few bucks and get a huge portion. It's really enough for two. We love the fact that you can see into the kitchen to watch them preparing your food hot and fresh. Very friendly staff, and such a convenient location!

Address: 5904 West 87th Street
Phone: 708.425.8282


Buddy's Pizza is an area tradition. The bomber beef sandwiches are truly legendary. Everyone who lives in or around Burbank will tell you that Buddy's pizza is the best pizza they have ever tasted, and that is no exaggeration. Perfect crust, not too thick or too thin, not too dry or too greasy. Delicious sauce, not too sweet or tart, just the right amount of spice! A hefty sprinkling of cheese and toppings, and there you go. The perfect pizza. This is one of our favorite places to go for lunch or dinner. Very highly recommended!

Address: 5405 West 79th Street
Phone: 708.636.2999

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