Tinley Park, Illinois

Tinley Park is one of the most rapidly expanding suburbs of Chicago, with more and more people calling it home every year. BusinessWeek magazine gave them the coveted ranking of best place to raise a family in America in 2009. That title has brought in more and more people who want to create that amazing family life for themselves. In addition to those new residents moving in, many people find themselves in town just to enjoy the great restaurants and bars, as well as the major downtown renovations that are taking place right now. If you're planning to come down to Tinley Park for some delicious food and drinks, these are our favorite drinking and dining establishments in the 60477 and 60487 zip codes.


Tin Fish is known as the best seafood restaurant in the Tinley Park area because of both its fresh high quality seafood and its unique approach to preparation. You can design your own meal by choosing the fish that you like, the method of preparation, and the sides that are served with it. Though the seafood is the star of the show, the steaks are a very nice complement to that, and they are always cooked perfectly to order. Beyond the dining, there is also an excellent bar with a very knowledgeable bartender who will mix you the best concoction you've ever tasted. Great selection of beer, wine, and spirits. Tin Fish is open Monday thru Friday for lunch and dinner.

Address: 18201 Harlem Avenue
Phone: 708.532.0200


Isabella Cafe is one of our favorite places to dine in Tinley Park, and it also happens to be a great source of catering for your private events and large parties. The cuisine here is of course Italian, but it has some fresh modern twists on those old favorites that you'll really appreciate. There are little touches from all over Europe. Both the fish and the veal are truly delicious and prepared just right. Everything is completely authentic, and that includes the service. It's been a long time since we've been treated to service this high quality. The staff is to be commended, and the entire experience is a clear win. Highly recommended.

Address: 17211 Oak Park Avenue
Phone: 708.444.8555


If you really love a good pizza (and who in the Chicago area doesn't?) then you really owe it to yourself to try Ed & Joe's. This fantastic pizzeria has been serving up delicious pies since 1971, with just the perfect amount of sauce and cheese on top of the most delicious thin crust we've ever tasted. They've also got an amazing deep dish that you won't be able to get enough of. Beyond the standard pizza, which by the way is very hard to tear yourself away from, are the entrees. Everything is fantastic but the fish entrees are the ones that we would most highly recommend. Just an all around great experience at Ed & Joe's!

Address: 17332 Oak Park Avenue #1
Phone: 708.532.3051


We love the fact that Luby's Pub & Steakhouse is a family owned business, bringing an air of authenticity and comfort to your night out. The menu is extensive and packed with delicious flavors, and you simply cannot beat the setting. You can enjoy the warmly decorated interior or head outside onto the patio to enjoy your meal or cocktails. This has become one of our favorite places to relax after work, mostly due to that amazing patio and of course the outstanding service. If you're looking for an amazing place to take a special date, Luby's is definitely both romantic and impressive. And did we mention they've got breakfast? Enough said!

Address: 6657 South Street
Phone: 708.633.8240


Hamada of Japan gets consistently high reviews from everyone who comes in, and the reason for that is the incredibly high quality food and the world class service. If you've got a hankering for some delicious tempura or some fresh teriyaki flavor, whether those flavors are blended with chicken, steak, of course seafood and sushi, you always know that Hamada of Japan will do it just right. Great for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Some say the prices are a little high here, but we say you get what you pay for. If you love to watch a show with your dinner, you'll really enjoy watching the hibachi chefs do their thing. Great for dates or business lunches to impress that big client!

Address: 18310 North Creek Drive
Phone: 708.444.2255


We LOVE Gatto's! If you're looking for some truly delicious Italian food, prepared and served in a completely authentic way just like your grandmother used to do, then you can rely on this place. We've only had the best experiences possible here, time after time. It also happens to be a great bar where you can really relax and let your hair down with friends. Nothing like sipping on some fine cocktails and enjoying great conversation in a very comfortable atmosphere. Gatto's is great for both small intimate gatherings and large groups too. Highly recommended for any special occasion or just for a really fun night out any night of the week!

Address: 8005 183rd Street
Phone: 708.444.7400


The Egg & I locations are always a hot spot in Chicago on any morning of the week, but the Tinley Park location is our favorite. Whether you're coming in for a hot breakfast, a fresh and delicious lunch, or of course those famous weekend brunches, you will definitely walk away satisfied and ready to recommend this place to your friends. The prices are very affordable and the portions are generous! After you've gone a few times you'll find yourself wanting to make it a Sunday tradition as so many of us already have. The owners are very friendly too, so make it a point to stop and say hello to them if you've enjoyed your visit! We love The Egg and I.

Address: 7164 183rd Street
Phone: 708.614.0909


Durbin's Pub is one of those comfortable bars where you can just relax and enjoy yourself for a few hours, forgetting about the busy work day that you've just left behind. They've got both excellent food and drinks here, so you can either come for dinner and drinks, or just come in later on for some cocktails and wrap up the night in this cozy spot. The specialties on the menu include all your bar favorites (including some truly delicious and juicy burgers!), plus that Italian beef that none of us Chicagoans can get enough of! The prices are unbelievably low and the atmopshere is so cozy. If you're looking for a good time at a great price, Durbin's has got you covered.

Address: 17265 Oak Park Avenue
Phone: 708.429.1000

J. W. Hollstein Saloon

J. W. Hollstein Saloon is one of our favorite places to hang out with friends on the weekends. They've got lots of video games to keep you amused between drinks, plus pool tables so you can shoot some pool while also shooting the breeze! We love the fact that you can rent the entire bar for your private parties, and it's surprisingly affordable to do that too! If you're looking for that friendly neighborhood bar that can be your personal "Cheers," then give J. W. Hollstein Saloon a try. The live entertainment is great too!

Address: 17358 Oak Park Avenue
Phone: 708.429.7000


Blue Fox is definitely one of our top choices for lunch or dinner. They've got a great menu that doesn't try too hard to be good. They just stick to the delicious basics like generously sized sandwiches, tasty soups, and wonderful drinks. They've also got pizza, seafood, and steaks, for a little more upscale flavor that still isn't pretentious. Just really delicious food! We appreciate that. They're very consistent with the quality which is very important to us, and the entertainment on the weekends is always great too. Be sure to try this one when you're in the Tinley Park area, and it will become one of your favorites too!

Address: 6820 179th Street
Phone: 708.342.1211

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